“I want a bullet in the bedroom”


Publication: Thursday, March 18, 2021 11:32

The Congress of Deputies debated on Thursday the law on euthanasia, which certain civil society groups have been in the process of for years and which will today be approved by the lower house for its subsequent application.

And precisely these messages, which various associations in favor of euthanasia delivered in their speeches, crept into the appearances of deputies. In this sense, the emotionality of María Luisa Carcedo, doctor and assistant of the PSOE, who collected the words of various patients and relatives affected, particularly highlighted Rafa, a 35-year-old man with quadriplegia who said about of the law: “It calms me down, I want a bullet in the room.”

Carcedo also quoted the words of Fernando Cuesta, an ALS patient who left his recorded testimony before dying: “Let politicians never think of citizens who suffer”, he expressed, and continues: “Whoever wants live, let him live, but let us die with dignity. I don’t know which muscle I’ll move tomorrow, I don’t want that ending, ”Carcedo described, in Cuesta’s voice.

Thus, according to the Socialist deputy, with the approval of this new law “the penalty disappears from the penal code”. In this case, he referred to the case of Ángel Hernández, accused of helping his wife to die of a degenerative disease. And he also collects his words: “I lent him my hands,” Ángel told his wife, María José. After their hands have caressed, fed, cared for her out of love, dedicating 30 years of her life that she will not be able to live again ”, waved the representative with enthusiasm.

Along with that, Carcedo ended his appearance with another date, in this case of patient Luis de Marcos, ill with multiple sclera, who said to his wife: “Asun, we all come into the world with a mission, and it was my turn to suffer from an illness which led me to fight for one of the most basic rights “, recited the deputy, throwing her colleagues into the hemicycle:” I hope you can have that outlet if you need it ”.

Most of the hemicycle, in favor of the law

Also, in their speeches, representatives of other parties in Congress, such as Medel Pérez, from United We Can, Sara Jiménez, from Ciudadanos, or Carolina Telechea, from ERC, supported the speech in favor of euthanasia.

“I am the owner of my life, but also of my death. No one has the right to tell me how I should live, but how I should die,” said Lozano, who points out that this Wednesday the criminalization of the aid in dying ends: “We cannot allow people who commit acts of love to face a prison sentence,” insists the Republican.

“There is confusion with the speeches that come out,” said the representative of Ciudadanos, on the other hand. Likewise, he points out that it is a “guarantee” law which grants “a real right of decision and respect for the wishes of people in difficulty,” Jiménez underlines.

Medel Pérez also picked up on these comments, which in turn sends a harsh message against the parties that opposed the law: “It is a law that is heavily persecuted by the far right, because it does not tolerate democracy. .Because democracy is not only voting, it is respecting those who don’t think like you. But since they are fiercely intolerant, they fill their speech with hate, which is done when you don’t have an argument “, did he declare.

The People’s Party and Vox share arguments

At the same time, despite the “consensus” that pro-law MPs spoke out, Thursday’s session also reflected the People’s Party and Vox’s rejection of legislative change.

“Today is a day that will go down in the history of ignominy in Spain. The culture of rejection and death is implanted: you have opted for death rather than care. Talk about freedom, compassion and rights is a mockery, “Lourdes Méndez, a Vox deputy, broke.

In this sense, since the formation of the extreme right, they assure that the Congress “did not listen” to the demands of certain groups “, such as the Medical Association of Madrid”, underlines Méndez. Argument that the representative of the PP, José Ignacio Echániz also launched: “You remain calm with 260 experts saying that the law is unconstitutional. When the doctors say that it will be applied without guarantee”, he affirms.

Along with this, he ensured that euthanasia was requested “from the vulnerability” and showed his personal refusal to apply it as a doctor: “I will not give any lethal drugs to anyone, even if I’m asked, and I won’t either. suggest such use, “.

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