“I was reckless in saying what I would recommend to my son last year.”

CCAES Director Fernando Simón admitted he was perhaps “reckless” when, last year, he told a press conference that if his son asked him if he could attend the manifestation of 8M, he would tell him to do what he wants. wanted to.

“I have three children, all three are very responsible and I do not have the responsibility to tell them what to do or not to do”, explained Simón, who assured that he will not say to his son “what to say or not to do” to say “.

“What if I tell him that he is well informed, that he does not think that the responsibilities of what can happen to him are always those of others, and that he tries to be united to understand the risks he faces. is already exposed, those it exposes to others, ”he said.

This is how the epidemiologist answered the question of whether he regrets having answered this way a year ago today. “If my son asks me if he can go to the 8-M demonstration, I’ll tell him to do whatever he wants,” Simón said at the time.

Concerning the demonstrations convened on the occasion of 8M, the doctor asked to be “sufficiently reasonable” not to attend events in which the safety distance cannot be maintained.

Simón has chosen to “disown all that is possible” any event that could generate a risk that these measures cannot be respected. At this point, the epidemiologist said Spain is unable to “promote mass events” even if they are allowed. “There are a lot of things that are allowed that people don’t do regularly, in many cases you can choose what to do or not to do even if it is allowed. It is not because it is allowed. that you have to do it. It’s ok to divorce but not everyone. The world divorces, “he said.

“I don’t care whether it’s a demonstration or to celebrate a football match, we can demonstrate by respecting the distances, by wearing a mask and hydroalcoholic gel. It’s a question of everyone’s attitude”, a- he said.

Although he clarified that some concentrations “make more sense than others”, the Health expert stressed that “it is not a question of clashes or of saying what is more important a football match. or a demonstration in favor of women’s rights “, since what must be done, in her opinion, is” to avoid a situation which prevents the maintenance of the safety distance “.

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