“I will not resign because I think there is no reason”

Posted: Thursday December 10 2020 19:38

Núria Marín, Mayor of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, announces that she will not resign, as requested by ERC after being summoned to testify as an investigator for alleged crimes of embezzlement and failure to comply to prosecute crimes. “I will not resign because I think I have no reason to resign,” he said at a press conference after the news broke.

The councilor stressed that she had decided to declare, instead of invoking her right not to do so, allegations of irregularities committed by the city council in relation to the subsidies to the city sports council. The investigation indicates that the Socialist would have allowed double accounting and would have signed the granting of suspicious subsidies.

In front of the media, Marín underlined that the municipal sports council is a private entity, without organic link with the municipal council, but by subsidies. In addition, he explained that on February 3, he had “a meeting with the deputy mayor Graells, member of Consell Esportiu”, in which he explained that he had “knowledge of irregularities in this entity”.

At that time, he said, he asked “for an audit of all relations between the municipal council and this entity to verify that the resources had been properly allocated”. “The best solution seemed to me that the Consell had ordered a complete audit”, audit which had been in progress since February 25, he indicated.

The mayor also confirmed his “total disposition” before the judge, so that his declaration could be made as soon as possible.

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