“I will stop being a minister when the campaign begins”

Publication: Sunday, January 3, 2021 09:45

Salvador Illa, CPS candidate in the Catalan elections, assures that he will quit his post as Minister of Health when the electoral campaign begins for the Catalan elections which will take place on February 14. “I will stop being a minister at the start of the election campaign. Until then, I will take care of my duties as minister,” Illa said in an interview published in “La Vanguardia”.

In addition, Salvador Illa reported that during the said campaign he will detail his proposals for Catalonia. In 15 days of campaigning, it is time to explain our proposal to the Catalans “, explains the still Minister of Health. Asked if he uses the post of minister to campaign, Illa stresses that he will exercise the post as he does. has done so so far and that it is for the politician to insist that he will campaign “when the time comes”.

On the other hand, concerning the beginning of his conversations to become a candidate for the CPS, Salvador Illa recognizes that the “possibility” of his candidacy for the Catalan elections has been discussed “since mid-November”, but clarified that “the decision has not it was taken until the last moment. “” The day before making it public, I did not communicate it, but I understand that it was Iceta’s responsibility and that it depended on him, “he said. . “Iceta has done an unusual act of generosity in politics. He gives up what he wanted and I take on a responsibility he did not aspire to. He told me that I was missing here, that we cannot face the election as one more, that we have to break the dynamic of resignation. And I cannot sit down, ”concludes the Minister of Health.

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