“I would have done it differently. We were all shocked.”

Publication: Thursday March 18, 2021 10:05 AM

Minister María Jesús Montero said she was “surprised” by Pablo Iglesias’ move to leave the government and said she would have done it differently.

“I was more surprised by the departure of Pablo Iglesias from the government than by Ayuso’s call for elections. We were all shocked. I learned about it from the media. Sánchez learned the very morning of the decision. Iglesias. I would have handled things differently. ” assured in an interview on Cadena SER.

Asked how she decided to leave the executive, Montero was clear: “I would have done things differently, an exit is always complicated for someone with the profile of Iglesias, vice president and leader of United We Can, in the government. The circumstances were very special, but I think I would have done it differently. “

Despite everything, the head of the Treasury explained that “the relationship with Iglesias was good” and described him as “a gracious person”: “I don’t think the arrival of Yolanda Díaz will change things. I hope to stay stable. “.

Montero was “confident” that the PSOE will achieve “a great electoral result” in Madrid that will allow them to “rule”, although he criticized Ayuso for pushing the elections forward without considering “the pandemic” and yes ” his election interests “:” Madrid is becoming a laboratory of Trumpism “.

“The situation of the Cs in Murcia is humiliating”

The minister also spoke out on the failure of the censure motion in Murcia and said “it was unthinkable” that three Citizens deputies chose to sabotage it. “We were surprised that they did not respect the anti-transfuguism pact where it says transfuguism is corruption. There was no reason to doubt,” he said.

Montero stressed that “it was an obligation to see an alternative” to Murcia “in case of vaccination without compensation” and that they could not “remain impassive in the face of reprehensible practices”. “There was no choice but to present it,” he added.

“Arrimadas had started the turn so that Ciudadanos was that hinge, but it had become the tail on the right and it was not noticeable. I think they had to have more of their own voice, Arrimadas has to take risks and leave go fear. The situation in Murcia de Ciudadanos is humiliating, ”has been resolved.

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