“I would have liked it to be available at the start of the year”

Publication: Saturday 12 December 2020 20:19

The Fourth Vice-President of the Government and Minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, attends laSexta at a time when demand for social ties is at an all time high. With the onset of cold weather, it skyrocketed: 3,000 applications were received in the last week of November. “The thermal energy social link has more than 1.2 million beneficiaries,” said the minister.

Ribera said she was not sure that “potential beneficiaries receive the correct information or have the mechanisms to be able to apply for” the electrical bond. In this sense, he underlined the “essential role” that he considers that social services, municipalities and associations play in helping to identify “where crisis situations occur”.

However, the ministry does not plan to apply the precautionary principle – currently only in Catalonia -, by which supply companies are obliged to consult social services on cases of people in a possible vulnerable situation before in order to be able to cut the supply. light. “We are working to extend all warranty periods until the end of the pandemic, which also coincides with the winter period, so we want to extend this framework from four to six months,” said the minister.

Power outages were less than 15,000 in the last quarter of the year “

“The normal thing is that the cuts are around 45,000 and in this last quarter of the year, in the absence of the end of December, they were less than 15,000. It is symptomatic, it is not that there are fewer needs. It probably has to do with the measures that delayed, delayed or prohibited these supply cuts. ”

In this way, the objective, as Ribera insisted on laSexta, is to “be able to provide coverage” to people under different scenarios, such as those he gave as an example: “That people who live in a house do not hold the light or, for whatever sociological reason, it is very difficult for them to access the bonus even if they meet all the conditions in the official manner ”.

The figure of the “ supply mediator ”

For Ribera, these cases “must be recognized as vulnerable consumers”, which they hope to be able to materialize soon with the idea of ​​a “supply mediator”. “Someone who understands which households may have a difficulty that goes beyond an electricity contract, which covers all the basic elements for a minimum quality of life”, detailed the manager of the Ecological Transition portfolio.

What timeframe has the department set to complete this initiative? Ribera is clear: “I wish it were available at the start of the year.” He believes it is possible, because “there are municipal councils aware and at the regional level”, and considers that everything goes through “marrying different levels of responsibility with respect.

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