“I would never dare to try to teach her anything about lies.”

Published: Wednesday December 16 2020 18:42

Pablo Iglesias and Teodoro García Egea engage again during a control session. The PP’s second vice president and number two starred in one of their usual scuffles in Congress, with the popular leader accusing the executive of lying and the Podemos leader listing the lies of the PP governments.

During his speech, García Egea asked Iglesias, not without sarcasm, not to “be stubborn” – referring to the discussion he had with María Jesús Montero in the halls of the chamber – about the presence of Podemos in negotiation. to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

Likewise, he accused the government of lying about the management of the coronavirus, in aspects such as masks or tests. “Should a government that lies resign?”

In response, the United frontman We Can was ironic. “Don Teodoro, I would never take the audacity to try to teach something about the lies of the government to the secretary general of the PP”, he affirmed. “For that, ask Mr. Rajoy or José María Aznar”, he added.

Then Iglesias listed a series of lies uttered at the time by popular governments, such as the denial that Galician beaches were stained with chapapote after the Prestige sinking or the Aznar executive’s claim that ETA committed the 11M attack.

“There is no box B in the PP,” also quoted Iglesias, who said that “anyone who always lies is never believed by anyone”.

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