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Spanish streamers definitely have energy left and most of all the audience. It is actually a second Spaniard who simultaneously sits on the podium of the largest audience on Twitch. Over time, the Twitch platform reaches more and more people and opens up to new content. If the recent creation of a category for pools, hot tubs, and beaches has generated a strong reaction, the streaming platform is doing reasonably well and continues to expand its audience. On January 11, no less than 2,468,668 spectators were simultaneously on the platform to watch David TheGrefg Martínez and the unveiling of his Fortnite skin. If that score has not been beaten, it is nonetheless a remarkable personal record held by the Spaniard Ibai Llanos.

And for the millions …

It is a more than symbolic milestone that the streamer passed two days ago: the milestone of a million viewers at the same time. To be precise, no less than 1,538,645 spectators gathered for the young Spaniard’s live performance as he hosted LA VELADA DEL AÑO, a boxing competition in which Spanish content creators compete against each other. Better still, his entire life (four hours in total) has an average of around a million viewers. With this score, he’s the second streamer to have the largest simultaneous audience on Twitch. As a reminder, on the French side it is still Squeezie who, with his small 390,000 viewers at the same time, holds the record alongside Cyprien, Mcfly and Carlito during his play Romeo and Juliet

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