Iberdrola Renovables is indicted in the Villarejo case

Posted: Friday July 09, 2021 3:55 PM

The judge of the National Court, Manuel García Castellón, indicted Iberdrola Renovables as a legal entity for the irregular hiring of companies of the former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo.

The magistrate responded to the request of the anti-corruption prosecution, which requested the imputation of Iberdrola Renovables, but not of the parent company chaired by Ignacio Sánchez Galán, in the separate room for orders to Cenyt and CASESA, companies linked to the ‘old commissioner.

In the order known this Friday, the magistrate sees the necessary imputation during the detection of a possible corruption offense for the alleged hiring of Villarejo to carry out an investigation into the Swiss company Eólica Dobrogea, with which Iberdrola was partner to undertake projects in Romania.

At the end of June, the president of the Iberdrola group was indicted for his relations with the ex-commissioner as well as three other people, the general director of affairs, Francisco Martínez Córcoles, the former president of Iberdrola Spain Fernando Becker, and the former head of the presidency Rafael Orbegozo.

According to the ordinance, there are indications of the commission of a crime of active corruption within Iberdrola Renovables for the commission in Villarejo of the so-called “Wind Project”, through which Antonio Asenjo was director of security of the energy group, in 2011. This hiring, continues the magistrate, took place while Villarejo was still active in the National Police, “in order to conduct an investigation into the company Eólica Dobrogea, its majority shareholder Chrisopher Kaap and its lawyer Corneliu Dica”.

Iberdrola Renovables had partnered with them to undertake a series of projects in Romania; However, during this process, various disputes arose which were resolved favorably for the Spanish company through arbitration proceedings. The judge adds that the case includes an invoice in the amount of 29,500 euros issued by Cenyt on the occasion of the Wind project commission, for assistance services and security logistics to Romanian personnel, as well as their payment, recognized by the company.

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