Ice Cream Tested Positive for Coronavirus in China: Corona Virus in Ice Cream in China

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A surprising case came from China, more than 4,800 boxes of ice cream infected with Corona were found that only 65 packs were sold.
Corona Ice Cream Positive … Yes, the administration of ice cream took off in China when it was found infected with corona! Officials from the health department were looking for people at risk of infection. Three samples of locally made ice cream in the northeastern Tianjin region are said to have been found infected with the corona.

According to the China Daily report, Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company was informed that 4,836 cans were infected. Of this total, 2,089 are sealed in storage. The problem was that the 1812 box had been shipped to other states and 935 ice cream sachets had also reached the local market.

There was some relief that only 65 of these ice cream bags had been sold. Shortly after, 1,662 company employees were ordered to self-isolate and the trial began. Information on the movements of traders and others who have come into contact with these packages is collected to prevent the spread of infection.

Virologist Dr. Stephen Griffin from the University of Leeds said that the positive ice cream test may be more common due to human contact. He said it is more likely that this could happen due to the production plant and that hygiene may not be taken care of in the plant. He added that the ice cream was kept at a low temperature and increased the chances of the virus surviving. However, he also said there was no need to panic that the ice cream was going to be infected with Corona as well.

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