Iceland Lava Viral Video: Iceland Volcano Viral Photo Video: Iceland Volcano Viral Photo Video

The volcano erupts on the Reknais Peninsula, located southwest of the Icelandic capital of Reykavík. The meteorological department said the volcano erupted at 8:45 p.m. Friday night. The volcano was quiet for 800 years, but now the eruption has caused lava to flow on both sides. In the opening images, this explosion looks small. The lava glow emanating from it was seen up to 20 miles away.

This volcano is far from the residential valley. The nearest road is also 2.5 km away. In this case, it is less likely to evacuate an area. Fagradals Mountain volcano has been calm for 6,000 years, and the volcano has not erupted for 781 years on the Rekkenis Peninsula. The volcano was feared due to a large number of earthquakes in the recent past, but due to the closure of seismic activity prior to the eruption, the incident was astonishing.

However, people have been advised to keep their windows closed and stay indoors to avoid damage from gas flowing through the air. Iceland has more than 30 active and extinct volcanoes. The Laki explosion in 1784 caused a drought that killed a quarter of the country’s population. Air traffic in Europe was disrupted by the explosion of 2010.

Iceland falls into an area where two continental plates move away from each other. On the one hand, the North American plate moves America away from Europe, on the other the Eurasian plate in the other direction. Iceland has a fissure named Silfra Rift which is visited by tourists and dives in large numbers.

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