Iceland’s erupting volcano is for sale: Burning volcano sells in Iceland, seeks to buy – active volcano in Iceland is for sale to buyers making bids

By now you must have heard the news of the sale of land holdings, but a volcano is sold in Iceland. It is not a calm volcano but has been spitting lava since March 19. Not only that, the planes were warned due to the volcanic action. In addition, the road connecting Keflavik airport to the capital Reykjanes has been closed.

It spits lava and ash in the region of Jwalamukhi Fagradalsafjal, located 40 km west of the capital Reykjanes. This volcano is said to be located on private land owned by 20 people. According to Icelandic media, these people want to sell this piece of land now and a large number of people are asking to buy it.

This group of 20 people has already received numerous offers from real estate brokers. The group’s chairman said demand for the land was the highest in the country. Lava erupted from this volcano in March. In recent times, the speed of lava extraction has increased more and more. A balloon of lava and ash rises into the air from a height of about 400 to 500 meters.

The area has already been visited by many tourists and picnickers, but after the explosion of Jwalamukhi, the number of its buyers has increased significantly. Recently, 75,000 people have come to see this volcano. This volcano remains a topic of discussion among the local population.

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