Iceta claims Sánchez offered him responsibilities and is not closing the door on being minister

Posted: Thursday December 31 2020 11:25 AM

The first secretary of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, assured this Thursday that the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, had offered to “collaborate” in the national policy, before which he stressed that he was making his availability and his capacities available. of the general manager. and socialists for whatever is necessary.

Iceta, who gave the testimony to the current Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, as a CPS candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, as the director of Al Rojo Vivo advanced on Wednesday, explained in an interview on Catalunya Ràdio that Sánchez opened the door to Spanish politics, but did not specify how.

As he recounted, Sánchez told him: “I also need people here who are not tied to autonomous tasks, but who can devote themselves to state policy; I think you could be one. Think about it very well, not just in today’s decision but in the years to come. ”

“I like to feel useful,” said Iceta, who acknowledged that there is “a certain fascination with positions and protocols” even though “there is a lot that can be done in politics”. “I have a vocation of public service that I do not finish,” he stressed.

As to the possibility that he might end up being appointed minister, he said it was a decision made by the Prime Minister and that he did not know at this time. “For me this is not a concern or a concern, I am not making plans,” said Iceta, who wants to focus now on the Catalan campaign of the 14F and to allow again a socialist president in the Generalitat.

Darias, to health, and Iceta, to territorial policy

The vacuum left by Salvador Illa at the head of the Ministry of Health opens all the pools to see who will be his replacement. The favorite at the moment is the head of territorial policy, Carolina Darias, who chaired, along with Illa, the interterritorial health committees where the most relevant decisions of the pandemic were made.

Darias would be replaced by Iceta, who would also cover the PSC quota in government. The Ministry of Territorial Policy was a bet of Pedro Sánchez by the Catalan socialists to deal with the situation in Catalonia. The previous incumbent was the current President of Congress, Meritxell Batet.

The CPS chief explained that the decision to have an alternative candidate for the February 14 elections was taken at the end of July, when a study reached him indicating that there were voters who believed that ‘He didn’t represent the change they were asking for.

On November 16, he met Pedro Sánchez in Madrid and they agreed that Salvador Illa could be the CPS candidate, although the announcement could not be made public until the end of the year, once the campaign vaccination against COVID-19 has started.

In another interview on RAC1, Iceta remarked that he did not give up running the bid “luckily” but because he was “absolutely convinced” that Illa had a better chance of winning. He defined him as “the Messi of politics” and added that activists are excited about the change: “This decision puts the PSC back in the fight for the first post and it has not happened for years” .

Illa: “I’m ready”

“I am ready, here I am. I am ready to preside over Catalonia. I accept the candidacy, I take it as an act of service, I am ready to help wherever I can to be more useful.” This is how Salvador Illa spoke on Wednesday when he agreed to be the CPS candidate in the Catalan elections on February 14.

At the start of his speech to the National Party Council, Illa hailed Iceta as “a constant benchmark of Catalan and Spanish socialism” and “the best first secretary we can have”.

In a speech delivered alternately in Catalan and Spanish, the minister introduced himself as “an official” who tried to “always be where he could be useful, where he could help solve problems”.

“My colleagues tell me that I can be of assistance in resolving the situation in Catalonia, and if my colleagues ask me, the only thing I can say is two words: I am ready,” he said.

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