IDF Hamas Building Attack: Why Is The IDF Destroying Multi-story Buildings In Palestine? – find out why the Israeli army destroys multi-storey Hamas buildings in Palestine

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The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine is now taking the form of war. After rains from 1,500 Hamas rockets, the IDF responded. The Israeli airstrike killed 11 senior commanders of the militant group Hamas in Tel Aviv.
The ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine is now taking the form of war. The Israeli military also responded vigorously after it rained 1,500 rockets from the Palestinian militant group Hamas. 11 senior Hamas commanders were killed in Israeli airstrikes. Not only that, the IDF destroyed three multi-story buildings in Palestine. While the IDF has been criticized around the world for the demolition of these buildings, Israel has now responded to this.

Israel said it demolished three buildings in Gaza City. The IDF said in a tweet that our fighter jet strategically targeted important buildings that are attached to the Hamas or Hamas navy. The intelligence infrastructure of Hamas’ main bank has been ruined. The IDF said we would continue to target Hamas bases in Gaza.
Israeli counterattack, 11 Hamas commanders killed, UN warns of war
“ Warned civilians before attacking ”
The IDF also said that before carrying out such an attack, we take all measures to evacuate the common man. In addition, the property of ordinary citizens must not be damaged. The military said Hamas deliberately builds its military bases in such buildings that endanger the lives of ordinary citizens. The IDF said our fighter plane warned civilians in Gaza before attacking Gaza buildings and gave them time to leave.

The IDF said it destroyed a 14-story building in southern Gaza that was used for the military intelligence office and Hamas infrastructure. This building was used for sharing strategic military information. Let’s say Israel stepped up the military attack in the Gaza Strip in which 11 Hamas extremists died. Hamas has yet to give any indication of retreat and has fired more than 1,500 rockets into Israeli towns.

Desolation swept through the streets of Gaza City at night
The fight between the two enemies in just three days reminded me of the devastating war of 2014 that lasted 50 days. The fight led to horrific Judeo-Arab violence in Israel decades later. At dawn, Israel launched several airstrikes and targeted dozens of targets in Gaza. Airstrikes also continued on Wednesday, causing smoke to haze into the air. In Gaza City, the streets were deserted at night and people were confined to their homes on the last day of Ramadan.

Zayed Khattab, 44, who arrived in central Gaza after leaking a bomb at his apartment building in Gaza City, said: “I can’t run anywhere.” Impossible to hide anywhere. ‘Gaza militants continued to fire rockets at Israel throughout the day. Life in communities in the south near Gaza has stalled. Gaza’s health ministry said 70 Palestinians had died, including 16 children and 5 women.

US Secretary of State backed Israel
A total of seven people have died in Israel, four of whom died on Wednesday. These include a soldier killed by an anti-tank missile and a six-year-old child killed in a rocket attack. The IDF claimed that more extremists had been killed than Hamas had reported. Nonetheless, UN and Egyptian officials said ceasefire efforts were underway but there was no sign of progress.

US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken called on Netanyahu to support Israel’s right to self-defense, saying he was sending a high-level diplomat as part of an effort to end the tensions. This round of violence began a month ago in Jerusalem where Israeli armed police were stationed during the holy month of Ramadan, and the threat of eviction of dozens of Palestinian families by Jewish refugees sparked protests and clashes with the police. Police fired tear gas shells and threw grenades at protesters at the Al Aqsa Mosque. Hamas, which claimed to have saved Jerusalem, fired several rockets at Israel late Monday evening, after which the fighting began.

Israel destroyed three Hamas buildings in Gaza

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