Idilia Foods renovates its most sustainable offices in the heart of Barcelona

The Spanish food company Idilia Foods, responsible for iconic brands like ColaCao and Nocilla, today inaugurated the renovation of its new offices in the district where it has been present for more than 60 years: El Guinard, in Barcelona.

The renovated offices occupy a total of 4,725 square meters spread over 4 floors, which house more than 140 employees of the company’s central services. From this complex on Lepanto Street, the strategy of brands such as ColaCao, Nocilla, Paladn, Okey shakes and Mesura sweetener is designed. Some brands have a great heritage, because in the case of ColaCao, it has been in the market for over 75 years. The company, proud of this heritage, designed the new space as a meeting point between its past, present and future, building its renovated head office in the same enclave where its factory was built from 1957 to 1981, and where It has been operating continuously for over 6 decades. Many original architectural elements have been preserved which bear witness to this manufacturing heritage, such as the Catalan vault on the ceilings – a very traditional construction technique in the region – some industrial circuits and the pillars of the old factory.

“This building is part of Idilia’s history and will also be part of its future. It conveys the essence of the company and its most important values: transparency, proximity and teamwork, ”says Xavi Pons, CEO of Idilia Foods.

A space adapted to the new normal

The offices are 100% adapted to the needs of the new normal, as well as to the new ways of working of the company and to the dynamics of new generations of professionals. For this reason, it has large open spaces, which promote communication and synergies between the different departments, and with multipurpose and multifunctional spaces and rooms, which are adapted to the different needs that may arise in each project or team.

A central element of the new space is digitization and connectivity, understood not only in its technological aspect, but also as a change in professional culture. This component covers all processes, from dematerialization of facilities to engagement for the integration of face-to-face work with remote work, where it does not matter if a person is physically present at a meeting but rather the contributions that she can bring to it. where you are, thus promoting flexibility and conciliation.

One of the floors is intended for social use, so that people can interact on sofas and tables in a relaxed atmosphere that helps enhance creativity and connectivity between them, in an area with panoramic views of the city of Barcelona. One of the most striking elements of this space is the terrace, a large outdoor area of ​​500 m2, which allows various meetings or relaxed breaks.

Idilia Foods occupies four floors of the building. The other three, with a total area of ​​5,615 m2, will be let to house new uses of the facilities.

Sustainability at the center

The well-being of people, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and sustainability have been fundamental in the design of the space, and for this reason the building has been certified with the BREEAM seal, the assessment method sustainability in the most important building. global and advanced leader. This certification guarantees more sustainable construction, which translates into a reduction of its impact on the environment and the promotion of the well-being and health of the people who work there. In addition, 100% of the energy consumed by the building is green, as part of an initiative also implemented in the Idilia Foods industrial complex, located in Parets del Valls (Barcelona).

Facilities include full recycling, the establishment of a paperless policy and recycling points in all offices. Likewise, a sustainable mobility plan has been promoted for employees, supporting routes by bicycle or electric scooter, offering them free parking with electric charging stations. There are also changing rooms to encourage teams to be physically active before arriving at the offices and during their downtime.

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