Idriss Deby Itno: Chadian President Idriss Deby Itno killed: Chadian President Idris Debbie Itno killed by rebels

President Idris Debbie Itano, who ruled the African country of Chad for 30 years, has died after being injured in a rebel attack. The day before the attack, he won the presidential election in Chad on April 11 for the sixth consecutive time. The Chadian army has confirmed the death of President Idris Debbie on national television and radio.

The son became the new heir
The military said after the president’s death, General Mahatmat Idris Debbie Itano, son of Idris Debbie, was elected the country’s interim leader. He will lead the 18-month Transition Board. Along with this, the military also announced a nighttime curfew in the country starting at 6 p.m. The military called on those facing a worrying situation to keep the peace.

Wounded in action with terrorists
The military said Idris Debbie Itno heroically led the war operations launched against the Libyan terrorist group Front or Change and Concord. Meanwhile, the army killed 300 fighters and captured 150 in Kanem province, about 300 km from the capital Nadjamena. During this time, the president was injured, after which he died during the treatment.

Idris was mastered in 1990
Idris Debbie Itno, former commander-in-chief of the Chadian army, came to power in 1990. Rebel forces under his leadership then overthrew then-president Hisne Heber. He was later found guilty of human rights violations by an international tribunal in Senegal. During his tenure, the rebel parties made several attempts to carry out a coup, but each time he succeeded in saving his power.

America has ordered its diplomats to leave Chad
The US State Department has ordered non-essential diplomats working at the US Embassy in Chad to leave the African country for fear of an attack in Enzamina. The United States has also asked the families of American forces stationed there to leave the country, as armed groups appear to be heading towards Enzamina, the capital of Chad.

America released travel consultation
The ministry issued a travel advisory stating that nongovernmental armed groups from northern Chad are heading south and appear to be heading towards Enzamina. He said non-essential U.S. government personnel had been asked to leave Chad via commercial flights due to the proximity (to armed groups) of Enzamina and the possibility of violence in the city.

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