IEBS launches eleven programs in response to new labor market needs

The business world and, therefore, the job market, have evolved hand in hand in recent years, creating the need for companies to hire professionals who are trained and adapted to the new reality that has arrived after the coronavirus pandemic. . This is why the number of people interested in doing a master’s degree continues to increase year by year. In fact, according to the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, in the last few courses it has increased by 70%. To meet these needs, the IEBS Business School, the first digital online training school, has launched 11 new training programs.

These new master’s and postgraduate degrees were created with the aim of providing students with training adapted to current business demand. The business school has reformed three areas that continue to evolve: Marketing, Data Analytics and Data Science, and at the same time they are on the list of the most promising jobs according to the latest report by LInkedin.

Regarding the Marketing field, the school presented two postgraduate degrees and two masters: the postgraduate in programmatic advertising and data, the master in advertising and digital marketing, the postgraduate in SEO and the master in SEO and SEM. The internet has played a fundamental role in the development of business during the pandemic and this, according to data from Linkedin, has resulted in a 61% increase in hirings linked to marketer positions in the past year.

Second, with regard to the field of Data Analysis and Data Scientist, on the one hand, the Master in Business Intelligence and Data Analysis, the Postgraduate in Business Intelligence and Data Visualization and the Postgraduate in Data Analysis have been launched. Power BI. On the other hand, to cover the need for new Data Scientists, the Master in Data Science and Big Data, the Postgraduate in Big Data and the Postgraduate in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning were born. Over the past year, the number of data science and artificial intelligence jobs has increased by 64%. In fact, the Spanish government announced in December that it would invest 600 million euros in this area over the next few years, so there is every indication that the number of vacancies in the sector will continue to grow.

In addition, faced with the increase in professionals who have decided to undertake to reinvent themselves in the face of the economic difficulties of certain sectors most affected by the pandemic, the school has also launched the Master in Business Creation and Scalability to help these new entrepreneurs to be much more competitive.

“At IEBS, we are constantly looking for restless, innovative and enterprising professionals who want to make their mark in the business world,” says Scar Fuente, Director and Founder of IEBS. “The digital professions continue to create jobs. In fact, according to a study conducted by Linkedin in collaboration with Microsoft, it is expected that over the next five years, two million new tech-related jobs will be created in Spain. For this reason and to cope with this situation, from school we continually update and offer programs that are as suitable as possible to the reality of the current labor market to achieve 100% employability ”, he adds. .

The first edition of these programs has limited places and the scheduled start date is October 25. Finally, as part of the school’s commitment to its students, the IEBS offers various scholarship programs to facilitate its students’ access to study programs.

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