IEBS launches scholarship scheme to promote women in ICT and leadership positions

IEBS launches scholarship scheme to promote women in ICT and leadership positions

In recent years, the gender gap in executive education in Spain has managed to narrow considerably, on the verge of collapse, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2020. This study places Spain in eighth place in the parity ranking and in forty-three in the gender gap in general education. For this reason, in its effort to achieve equity, IEBS Business School, the leading digital business school in online education, has launched the Scholarships for Women program to promote women in ICT and in leadership positions.

IEBS has sought since its inception to address the gender gap in education. Fortunately, the school’s desire to achieve gender parity among its students has paid off: currently, the IEBS has virtually the same male and female enrollments, 50.4% versus 49.6%. Launching programs like this helps the school achieve its gender goals.

However, there are still some programs where the gap is more apparent. While in areas such as human resources, community management or tourism management, the number of women is higher (77.3%, 65.6% and 59%, respectively), in more technical sectors such as that blockchain and fintech, cybersecurity, data science, Big Data, Digital Transformation, Digital Business or Agile continue to predominate men (85.8%, 78.6%, 72.2% , 71.6%, 70.2%, 69.5% and 55.8%).

To face this situation and increase the number of women trained in the fields where the number of men is the highest, IEBS is launching the Becas en Femenino program, a support plan aimed at training women in digital skills for integration. in technical and managerial positions.

On the other hand, on December 17, IEBS will organize the Women In Tech Day, a worldwide and free event which will be broadcast in streaming and will bring together the most expert women in the digital field at the level of Mnica Diaz, Panda Research Director of Panda Security, Mariana Costa, co-founder and CEO of Laboratoria, Edurne Balomora, CEO of METCO, Blanca Gmez, Chief People Officer at Opinno and Eva Cantero, VP of People at Lookiero.

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