IED explosion at the Israeli Embassy: #DelhiBlast: What plot in Delhi for the anniversary of the friendship between India and Israel? Iranian intelligence agency or not? – Israel embassy exploded in Delhi, Iranian intelligence agency involved, due to Israeli-Iranian conflict

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IED explosion in front of Israeli embassy in Delhi, many cars damaged, no casualties reported in attack, intelligence agencies active in 2012 Israeli diplomat’s car attacked, three people were injured in New Delhi / Tel Aviv
The needle of suspicion has once again been raised on Iran due to the IED explosion outside the Israeli embassy in Delhi. The attack on the 29th anniversary of diplomatic relations between India and Israel has raised many questions. The IED explosion outside the embassy is again reminiscent of the 2012 incident. An Israeli diplomat’s car then exploded near the Prime Minister’s residence. A similar incident was also observed outside the Israeli embassy on Friday. It is said that in the explosion, windows of several vehicles parked in front of the embassy were smashed. The special cell that reached the place also opened an investigation into the incident.

What happened in 2012?
In February 2012, an Israeli Embassy car exploded near the Delhi residence of then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. It was claimed that when the ambassador’s car was parked at the sign, the motorcycle attacker placed explosives on the car. The car exploded seconds after it left. During which Yehoshua Koren, the wife of an Israeli diplomat in a car, was seriously injured. The diplomatic car number was 109 CD 35 and was badly damaged.

Several other Israeli embassies were also attacked on the same day.
On the same day, explosives were discovered outside the Israeli embassy in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Who has been deactivated by the security forces. Not only that, a few days ago the Israeli embassy in Thailand and Azerbaijan was also targeted. Thai police also arrested an Iranian citizen for the blast. Iran, however, has categorically denied participating in the Delhi attack.

The question raised again by the murder of a nuclear scientist, why is Iran-Israel so fiercely hostile?

Why is there so much enmity between Iran and Israel?
Since the Iranian revolution of 1979, there has been a demand for the elimination of Israel. In fact, Iran only opposed the existence of Israel. Its loyal religious leaders say Israel unjustly occupied Muslim land. For this reason, Israel also sees Iran as a crisis in itself. He has always opposed Iran being armed with nuclear weapons. Iran’s expansion into the Middle East has been a source of concern to its leaders. This is why Israel is not only monitoring Iran’s nuclear program, but in 2018 Netanyahu reported that he had thousands of documents attached, which he called Iran’s “ atomic records ”.

Tension increased after murder of Iranian nuclear scientist
His hostility with Israel returned to the fore after the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, the father of Iran’s nuclear program. Iran’s foreign minister directly said that Iran, the enemy of Iran, was behind the incident. The peculiarity is that even before that, scientists associated with Iran’s nuclear program were killed in this way.

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