If Biden wins, how will America relate to North Korea

It is time for the United States to make a decisive decision on the presidential election, and the eyes of the whole world will be focused on it. Experts believe that North Korea is one of those countries that will be eagerly awaiting who will be in charge of the White House. However, we have seen in history that no matter who the president is, there is not much difference in policy regarding Korea. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how the country’s relationship with Pyongyang will be if Biden, who is still ahead, comes to power.

Pyongyang commented on Biden
In fact, it was the same North Korea that called Joe Biden “stupid.” In an official statement, Pyongyang even said Biden was in the last stages of dementia. Not only that, the authorities even compared him to a rabid dog who should be beaten to death with a pole. On the other hand, even though Biden has not clarified his policy on North Korea, he said he would not meet with Kim Jong Un without agreeing to reduce nuclear weapons.

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What can North Korea do now
For decades, US presidents have tried to prevent North Korea from increasing its stockpile of nuclear weapons. Every time Korea has tested a weapon, the United States has reacted strongly. In such a situation, Senior International Crisis Group adviser Duyon Kim expressed the possibility that Korea would try to test heavy weapons in America on election day at the inauguration ceremony.

By doing this he can try to strengthen his side for any kind of compromise in the times to come. Not only that, he can also put pressure on the new president to respond to any request in lieu of trial.

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Will the bet be placed in front of America?
On the other hand, Korea says it will stop its nuclear facility only when the United States and the United Nations lift the ban. For this reason, North Korea is isolated from the global economy. At the same time, Duyon says the concern is not Biden’s consent to negotiate, whether Korea will be ready to speak.

What would Biden’s strategy be?
Kim says the White House should talk to Kim Jong’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, if Biden wins. He is an expert in negotiation and Kim Jong trusts him a lot.

Sheen Seong Ho, professor at Sean National University, said Biden’s arrival could lead to stable and traditional American politics. In this context, the relationship with Korea cannot be overstated as the United States faces many challenges other than Korea.

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If Biden wins, what will relations be with North Korea?

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