“If everything was closed, maybe he would produce more”

Updated: Monday, February 22, 2021 2:24 PM

Published on: 02/22/2021 2:05 PM

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, condemns the fact that illegal parties are taking place in her region, even though she believes that “if everything were closed, there might be more”. Thus, the popular defended the measures adopted by his government to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Ayuso defends that contrary to what many are trying to show, in Madrid “everything is not open” and “that there is a lot of control against the virus”. The president believes that if people break the rules, this is where other institutions should act.

“We write the standards to make health and the economy compatible moving forward,” he says. And he insists on the fact that after a year of pandemic, “the citizens must go out and resume their life, and that is our project”. “I do not defend that there is drunkenness, but that does not depend on me”, he adds.

Ayuso speaks in the same vein as this weekend of illegal parties, when the president pointed out that the parties that have taken place in recent days in Madrid have mainly taken place in tourist apartments, “where they even attacked agents of the local police “.

“I do not forbid that there is drunkenness, but it does not depend on me”

“We must condemn these meetings, which are the culprits in 80% of cases of COVID-19 infections. It cannot be that the same people always pay, the hoteliers, the traders, the businessmen and the citizens with very hard confinements while these events occur, which are the ones that spread the virus the most ” , he said on Sunday.

Interventions in 370 illegal games

El alcalde de Madrid José Luis Martínez-Almeida ha animado a los ciudadanos a denunciar las fiestas ilegales y llamar a la Policía Municipal para que “haga su trabajo, tan bien como lo suele hacer siempre”, tras intervene este end of week in 370 in the capital.

Almeida underlined that “there is no homogeneous model” as regards the place where these parties take place, even if “there is a district” which can accommodate more than others because “it is true that they also take place in houses for tourist use and it is true. we have verified “.

He also stressed that “many illegal parties are being held in houses” and that there is a “legal difficulty” in entering them, while stressing that they will not “give up” their “effort”.

This weekend, the city police intervened in 370 illegal parties, “and if you act in hundreds of them, you must think how many there will not be in this city, because obviously we cannot put a municipal policeman behind each Madrid resident, behind each person. who comes to visit “the city”, admitted Almeida.

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