“If I want a high turnout, I could do it”

Publication: Thursday, April 8, 2021 12:21

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, refused to close the perimeter of the region during the May 2 bridge, a public holiday in the Community, and showed her suspicions that the Moncloa did not ” forced “to do it.

“So far no one has asked us, it is suspect, because when there were six weeks left for Holy Week, the Moncloa was already asking us to close. Now we are at three weeks and no one tells us anything. either, “said the popular candidate. for the 4M elections in an interview with Onda Madrid.

Indeed, Ayuso linked the lack of closure demands to the election period and accused the left of being “demotivated and demobilized”, so “it is convenient for him that there is no rate at all. of high participation in the polls that I defend. costs. “

“What I see is they don’t want to have a high turnout, for everyone to have a long weekend because the 3rd is a public holiday and see if people, with a little luck, will take this in god knows where ”, underlined the regional president.

Ayuso defended his position was “consistent” and that he never wanted perimeter closures. He insisted that this measure had caused a worsening of the epidemic in the community.

“Selfishly, if I want to encourage a high turnout, I could shut down the Community of Madrid, to see if hopefully, with a lot more people remaining, I promote more participation. But you have to be consistent.”

Blame the perimeter closure for data deterioration

Asked about the worsening data on the contagion of the disease in the region, Ayuso assured that his government had foreseen it: “It is the effect of having closed to our criteria an autonomous community with a very high population density. . We are more than 7 million people in a community the size of any province. “

Regarding what will happen from May 10, when the state of alert subsides, the regional president assured that she did not know what the situation would be and accused the government of not having promoted a law on pandemic to give a legal framework to the decisions. Thus, Ayuso opposed a further extension of the exceptionality and insisted on said legislation.

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