“If I were Sánchez, I would hit the table of the Council of Ministers”

Publication: Thursday, November 19, 2020 8:20 a.m.

The president of the PNV’s EBB, Andoni Ortuzar, considers Podemos’ attitude to be “surprising” when modifying the general state budgets (PGE) of the executive of which he is a part, of which he indicated that, if he was president of the government, he would “punch” the table of the Council of Ministers and give a “warning to the sailors”.

He hopes his party will not have to take the “drastic” decision to reject the public accounts, he demanded that the president of the government, Pedro Sánchez, “put the batteries”, and warned him that the GEP negotiation “is not an auction,” talk “with everyone at the same time, to see which is the cheapest.

Speaking to the Ser channel, Ortuzar warned that the “outstretched hand” to the PNV that Sánchez spoke of “must be demonstrated”. “He no longer consoles too much to be described as a strategic or preeminent partner, if later it is not accompanied by facts,” he said: “This is not the first time that we this sentence tells us from the same site, but the facts have not been accompanied “.

In this sense, he was “a little nervous” because, during the preparation of the amendments to the EMP, the PNV made an assessment of the previous commitments signed two and a year ago with the president of the executive, and the Diploma Compliance “leaves a lot to be desired”.

“If we agree on things, if we reach out, if we sign, if we say that we have political will, but the agreements with the PNV are lost or are piling up on the ministerial table, no one moves the files and things are not done, if the level crossings are still on our roads, and if the TAV passes to tran tran, then these things put the fly behind our ears ”, he warned.

Budget negotiation can’t be like the old Sunday afternoon dances where one goes as a couple looking for that, looking for the other, I talk to you a little, I talk a little with the other

“We strongly support all institutions with budgets, but of course the budget negotiation cannot be like the old Sunday afternoon dances, in which one goes as a couple in search of that, in search of the other, I talk a little with you, I talk a little with the other … I think that a moment has come when you have to take a stand, you have to be serious, you have to start negotiating, and you have to start trading on the basis of accounts not on the basis of how good and how serious it would be if there was an axis or another axis, ”he says.

Bildu’s role for Podemos

According to him, “we are not sufficient, but we are essential. In this sense, we are calm and, in addition, we accept the political game of negotiation with all the parties, we do not put success into it. what we are asking for is clarification and rules.clear gameplay in which we are all on an equal footing, we know things, the margins that there are … that we do not have not this feeling that we are in a sort of auction, what are you giving me, what are you asking me, what am I giving you … and with everyone at the same time, until what we saw which is cheaper, which is less burdensome for electoral marketing … “

As for Bildu’s role in this Podemos strategy, he considers the biggest beneficiary of all this media noise, “in the short term it’s Podemos, because at the moment he’s doing well. I think Podemos what he tried is to ruin any possibility of an agreement between the PSOE and Ciudadanos, not because in the budget negotiation they are poles apart but because it is not going to be that talking and agreeing with Ciudadanos will start to like the government, the sorry PSOE, and the PSOE are starting to turn the corner guidance and we can steer clear of a future legislature “

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