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Updated: Friday 04 June 2021 11:36

Published: 06/04/2021 11:35 AM

The Community of Madrid has called the mandatory nature of the new Coordinated Action Plan approved this week by the Interterritorial Health Council as “fraud”. With this force, the region’s Deputy Health Minister Antonio Zapatero spoke out, insisting that they would not play by the rules.

“We understand that it seems to us that it is a fraud to use the Council to impose measures on the CCAA, which are the ones that have the powers. It is an intervention, and it seems to us that it is neither appropriate nor proportionate. to the current situation “, he declared during the press conference during which the epidemiological data in Madrid are analyzed.

In this sense, Zapatero maintains that, on the part of the regional executive, they do not feel “linked” to the proposal, forcing the territory to maintain the closure of night shops and to close inside the hotel.

Concretely, the deputy adviser warned that, upon reception of the communicated order, “the legal services of the region will take the relevant measures”. That is, as interim president Isabel Díaz Ayuso has already warned, the region will appeal the plan. However, Zapatero recalls that this is an order that has not yet reached the ministry, because its publication in the BOE has not yet taken place.

“Not even in January [las medidas del Consejo] they were compulsory. Now they want to impose a criterion that is inappropriate and not proportional to the situation. The judgments refer to proportionality, and this proposed measure does not. Therefore, given the position of other communities, I would like to know what measures can be proposed in relation to this, ”said the leader.

Darias, frank: “If the measures are not respected, we will have to enforce them

After the rebellion denounced by the Community of Madrid, which was not the only one to affirm that it will reject the Coordinated Action Plan – Andalusia, Euskadi and Castile and León have also argued that the measures will not will not be followed – the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, insisted on strongly recalling the compulsory nature of this new framework.

“Coordinated decisions are mandatory. It is a preliminary work of 13 autonomous communities, and updates the existing protocol, because we had closed the nightlife. If they do not do it, we will have to enforce it”, a he said in an interview this Friday. at Cadena Ser. Of course, “always for dialogue and consensus”, qualified after the warning.

According to the minister, the document approved by the Interterritorial Council “does not come from the ministry, as it did at Easter”. And, in this sense, he throws a dart at the regions which opposed it: “No one asked for anything on hospitality.

A statement which, from the Madrid executive, denied: “We did not only express our disagreement in this first draft which was sent to us, which we understood that they had no justification. But a written document was sent on time, in good time and form, to the own coordination ”, assured Elena Andradas, director of public health.

Now, as Minister Darias confirmed, there are only a few bureaucratic steps left for the measures to take effect: “Today we will sign the decree and it will be published in the BOE. But this is not a party struggle, but health measures. , to consolidate the data. “As soon as this happens, the order will reach the Community of Madrid and, as happened in October, a new fight will begin in the courts.” Measures will be taken, “Zapatero repeated .

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