“If my carelessness serves to raise awareness, so much the better”

The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, attributed this Monday to an “oversight” her photo without a mask at a wedding broadcast this weekend on social networks and assured that “if it serves to raise awareness, welcome “.

Moreno expressed this when he was interviewed by journalists in Algeciras (Cadiz), where he inaugurated the new facilities of the Punta Europa hospital. During her appearance, and in connection with her unmasked photo at an event last weekend, Moreno described it as “an oversight” and confessed that if her negligence “served to raise awareness, welcome”.

The Andalusian president recalled that he is “just another citizen, he was at a wedding and when we consume, of course, we do not wear a mask”, and at this “moment of neglect” they took the photo which circulated on social networks.

So, he explained that “luckily” they ask for “pictures every day” and reported that “he was drinking a beer” when they asked for “the picture”, although he clarified that “what they do with the photo is already uncontrollable thousands of photos “taken per day.

Finally, he asserted that if his “recklessness” serves “to make him aware of it, welcome to him”, because “it is very complicated in open spaces and in social events like a marriage” to “conform” to the mask, which has finished breaking changing it so many times “.

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