“If there is no agreement on May 1, we will have to explore alternative routes”

The ERC candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, has warned that if on May 1 a governance agreement is not reached with the Junts, the two parties will have to “explore other alternative paths” to avoid an electoral repeat . In Catalonia.

This was explained in an interview with “Diari Ara”, when Junts and ERC have a month and a day deadline to unravel the negotiations and avoid a call for new elections in mid-July.

Aragonès clarified that a minority ERC government with outside support from those of Carles Puigdemont is not a path that the Republicans have proposed: “We are not the ones who have located the possibility”.

Asked about the positions of the secretary general of the Junts, Jordi Sànchez, and the vice-president, Elsa Artadi, who do not rule out entering the new Catalan executive and remaining in the opposition, Aragonès reiterated his will to conclude a governance agreement with the Junts “that it occurs as soon as possible, during this month of April”.

However, he noted that Republicans have a strong deal with the CUP and that he does not believe “there are insurmountable obstacles” to being able to form a government in the days to come, he said. for word.

Regarding the role of the Consell per la República (CxRep), the ERC candidate clarified that it had to come from the government where the strategy is heading to move towards independence and insisted on the fact that the entity must collaborate to this strategy “marked by group independence from Parliament”.

On the other hand, he stressed the need to promote new departments, such as feminisms, climate action or research and universities, in which there can be “a crossing of responsibilities, of people proposed by both. parts”.

In addition, if he assured to have “no problem” at ERC by continuing to assume the departments of health and education, he warned that there could be changes in these areas because “in a coalition government, the parliamentary weight of each should be reflected. “.

For Aragonès, it would be a historic mistake not to place the right to self-determination and amnesty on the political agenda, and called for reactivating the dialogue table between the Catalan and the central executive: “In all case, that the state abandons it. ”

Although he recognized that “the independence movement still has a very low representation compared to” that desired in the metropolis of Barcelona, ​​Aragonès recalled that it exceeded 50% in the elections of the 14F, which will allow, in his words, to launch a process of negotiation with the government, a process of independence and the formation of a new state for Catalonia.

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