“If they put a bomb on me and my foot jumps, they’ll say I took advantage of it”

Updated: Friday, April 23, 2021 2:55 PM

Published on: 23.04.2021 09:58

The United We Can candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Pablo Iglesias, spoke of the death threat he received, a letter containing four large caliber bullets. He did so after filing a complaint at the police station.

In it, to which laSexta had access, Iglesias states that the events “pose a serious threat” to his life and that of his family, which includes “war material which, apparently, is real and belongs to a firearm. large caliber “. . Iglesias calls for “clarification of the facts” and that the authors of the letter be identified.

In this letter, the following message is collected: “Pablo Iglesias Turrión, you let our parents and grandparents die. You and your wife, your parents and you are sentenced to death. Your time is running out.”

“If they put a bomb on me and my foot jumps, they’ll say I took advantage of it”

“If they put a bomb on me and my foot jumps, they’ll say I took advantage of the campaign. The only thing I said to the far-right candidate was to retract and that if she did not retract, we were going to leave. I think someone had to do that, the whitewashing of the far right is regrettable, ”he criticized in front of the media.

According to him, “a climate of impunity sets in in which those who want us to leave politics every day take another step forward. Today, it’s bullets in a letter, tomorrow we’ll see what happens” , said the former vice-president of the government.

Iglesias hopes there will be arrests both because of the threats he has received and those that have also been sent to Fernando Grande-Marlaska and María Gámez.

“We also continue to wait for arrests in Cartagena, where our headquarters were attacked. We do not understand how the ex-legionnaire who shot photos of members of the Government was disconnected because the judges did not understand that it was worth the blame, ”added Iglesias.

Iglesias went to the police after leaving the Cadena SER debate for asking for a rectification from Rocío Monasterio for questioning that he had received threats. Iglesias has announced that he will no longer participate in debates in which Vox is also present.

For Iglesias, Vox was “normalized” and “whitewashed”. “They don’t call me ‘red shit’, they call me ‘chepudo’ or ‘disgusting rat.’ This is a carbon copy of what the Nazis did in the 1930s. It is unacceptable in democratic terms They openly say that the dictatorship than the coalition government, ”adds the former vice-president.

Candidate Podemos hopes that there will be “a citizen response” to this type of comment on May 4. “You cannot argue with those who are against democracy,” he said.

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