If Trump did not accept defeat, what are the options? Will the White House quietly evacuate

Washington is not ready to accept it even after losing in the US presidential election. In such a situation, the US administration is not even able to initiate the process of transfer of power. On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. In such a situation, it is necessary to place all government departments in America under Biden administration by January 15th. Trump, the American General Service Administrator (GSA), close to Trump, the head of the institution that recognizes the new president, is responsible for formally recognizing Biden as president-elect. After that, the power transfer process will start. Agency administrator Emily Murphy has yet to start the process and has not told her when she will. Emily was appointed by Trump. The lack of clarity on the issue has raised the question of whether Donald Trump can disrupt the Democratic Party’s attempt to form a government. Trump still has two options after Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the US presidential election, now Donald Trump has only two options. First, either he accepts defeat in a dignified manner for the good of the country, or second, if he does not, he should be fired. Some of Trump’s closest allies try to persuade him to accept defeat gracefully, but some Republican allies urge him not to accept defeat. Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina told a news channel that Trump is not a loser. President, don’t give up. Fight hard Trump’s close friends say they won’t accept defeat. Those close to Trump say Trump should not formally accept defeat, but he will leave the White House at the end of his term. Trump’s efforts to label the election unfair are seen as an attempt to appease his constituents and show his supporters that he is still fighting. When Trump’s friend and advisor Roger Stone was asked if the outgoing president would accept defeat, he said, “I’m skeptical about this.” That’s why Trump Stone refuses to give up, so Biden will always have a cloud of suspicion as president and half of the nation’s people believe he was elected illegally. Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric also called on their father to keep fighting and called on Republican leaders to support him. Republican Leader Andy Biggs also advised Trump not to give up. Biden’s power transfer aid appeals to Jane Psaki, Biden’s power transfer aid, said on Sunday that US national security and its economic interests depended on whether the federal government gave any indication clear and quick that he wanted the American people. Respect and cooperate in the peaceful and smooth transfer of power. A group of both parties, who have been involved in the last three terms in the White House, also called on Trump to immediately continue the process of transfer of power after the election.

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