“If we want meetings of more than six people, we must put all the means today to achieve it”

Publication: Saturday November 14, 2020 09:31

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, asks citizens to focus on the current moment in order to arrive at Christmas in good condition, and declares: “If we want there to be meetings of more than six people December 24, which we must do today, is to put all the means to get there. ”

In an interview, Almeida pledged to maintain “surgical measures” such as those applied by the Community of Madrid, which, in his opinion, have shown that “economic activity can continue to be generated while maintaining the priority for all, which is that the number of infected continues to drop. ”And, while talking about how we will experience the Christmas festivities“ remains a guess, ”he insists on acting responsibly. now will mark the epidemiological situation in a few weeks. That is why he does not dare to announce, for example, “what will happen for New Year’s Eve”, but specifies: “What I can say is already what I would advise at that time, that we stay at home drinking the grapes. ”

It is also not known what will happen to the main parade of the Magi, although the mayor reaffirms that “they will come to Madrid for sure” and “they will be able to do their job that evening, with all the precautions and all the limitations “. In an attempt to mitigate the economic consequences of the coronavirus in people with fewer resources, Almeida believes that there should be a tendency to “institutionalize the distribution of food in the city”, because “it cannot depend” on “generosity “And” good work “” associations which organize solidarity pantries.

“What I would say to all associations is that I deeply appreciate the work they did during the pandemic, but that the responsibility lies with the city council,” said the city councilor, who defends that “he There is not a single person “who has come to municipal social services and” is not served “. Regarding the lines of action against the pandemic adopted by some administrations and others, Almeida argues: “It is inevitable to make bad decisions. I wouldn’t be afraid to back down. What would scare me is knowing that I have to go back, continue in error “.

In the Community of Madrid, Almeida removes the gaps that the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP), and her vice-president, Ignacio Aguado (Cs), made public the management of the pandemic and assures that “there is also to the town hall “, where the PP governs in coalition with the orange party. The mayor maintains that” whatever the opinions that may have “Ayuso and Aguado” have always defended the same thing: that here, in the end, it is necessary do what the health ministry says.

“There is a feeling of wear and tear on the part of the citizens”

Asked about the persistence of parties and large bottles detected in recent weeks, Almeida explains that “there is obviously a feeling of wear and tear on the part of the public and, above all, perhaps the youngest”. Even understanding his situation “difficult to manage”, and that “mental wear and tear” can bring “a certain relaxation”, the mayor asks for a “responsibility”, especially when “it is in no way excluded that epidemics can occur ”or even“ a third wave ”.

Almeida is also open to “self-criticism”, which in his opinion should be made by all who have “institutional responsibilities” by noting that “citizens have not clearly seen the rules” to try to stop the coronavirus . In the case of the municipal council, the mayor assumes that he must “improve his information channels”, and undertakes to make “an effort” to avoid confusion among the inhabitants.

He also promises to apply the ideas contained in the villa agreements, “alluding to the 352 measures agreed by all municipal groups in July to deal with the consequences of the pandemic. Measures which will include” specific elements “for their execution in town hall budgets for 2021, which will be presented next week. “An even greater effort” has been made in these accounts than last year to “minimize” nominal subsidies, as Vox claims, although ‘Almeida says this measure meets “one of the characteristics” of its executive.

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