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Reduce obesity then exercise: – Some people gain a lot of weight. In such a situation, they have to start the exercise very carefully, for this you have to prepare yourself first.

People who are overweight. They also have difficulty exercising. For this reason, they have to prepare before they start exercising so that they do not face any difficulty. Today we will tell you some such tips. With the help of which you will be able to exercise well even if you are overweight.

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Weight should be according to length-

By the way, each person’s weight should be according to their height. If it is more then they should lose weight. Some people resort to exercise for this. This is a good thing, but they have to prepare themselves before exercising. Only then will they be able to exercise properly.

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Decrease early exercise –

If you are overweight, exercise for 15 to 20 minutes in the beginning, it will not make you bored, then you can increase day by day this time. This exercise will become your habit and you will not face any difficulty.

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Do running and jogging

If you are overweight, you should run first, even as early as you can. Also do jumping jacks and sitting jacks. This will prepare your body for exercise. If you are not able to run. So initially walk for a few days, but also try to walk at a brisk pace. This will also reduce your fat.

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Do pushups and squats

Once you start exercising, you can stretch your body. Now you also do pushups, squats, planks etc., this will reduce your fat day by day and also increase your ability to exercise.

Exercise with friends

To keep yourself fit, go running, walking and exercising with friends early. This is inspiring to do even after seeing many things. They will help you.

Eat less salt

You are going to start exercising. So stop eating sweets, because eating more sweets leads to weight gain. Along with this you should not go hungry, eat nutritious food, eat sprouted grains, milk etc., so that your body also gets nutrition. Along with this, you can also take the help of a gym trainer.
Currently if you can’t go to the gym, then you can do yoga, yoga robics, zumba, martial arts etc. at home.

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