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Eating mood: – Often you do not feel like eating. But it is also important to eat on time for health. That’s why you can create a eating mood by doing some home remedies.

Stomach problems such as gas, constipation, acidity, etc. often make you reluctant to eat. But food is essential for the body. Because by not eating food, weakness will come and your body will not get relief. So you can do some such home remedy. Which makes you feel hungry again and also awakens your desire to eat.

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Drink lemon water

Summer season You often do not have appetite due to indigestion and stomach related problems. Sometimes a person does not get food even if he wants to because of stomach upset. That’s why you consume lemons. With this your stomach will also get better and you will also start feeling hungry and this will not cause dehydration in the body.

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Celery- Consumption

Often a person does not want to eat because of gas formation or other stomach problems. If this is happening. So take some celery and eat it with black salt. This will relieve you of gas at any time and you will feel hungry.

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Drink green tea

Drinking red tea often causes loss of appetite. That’s why you drink green tea. Green tea is a good way to increase appetite. Drinking green tea does not kill hunger, but makes you feel hungry. So if you are fond of drinking tea. So drink green tea too.

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Drink the juice

Problems with loss of appetite or stomach problems. So you should drink juice. Because the juice keeps your body hydrated while eliminating stomach related problems in your body. Add black salt to whatever juice you drink. It will also keep the stomach clean and will also reduce hunger.

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