Igea explodes due to increase in infections for fifth time since pandemic began: “We are fools”

Posted: Wednesday July 21 2021 19:58

The Congress of Deputies validated today the decree which removes the compulsory masks outside, a measure in force since June 26 in our country, even if it is still not without controversy.

In fact, many regional leaders advocate reversing this fifth wave. This is the case of the vice-president of Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, who came to assert that “we are idiots” for not having implemented effective measures to prevent new infections.

“What happened to us in 16 months every time a vacation period was approaching? People sometimes look at us and say ‘you are idiots’. Yes,” he repeated.

In this sense, he asserted that “there is no other explanation for this, if we already know, if the same things have happened to us five times”. “What am I going to tell them?” That we are idiots, ”he insisted.

“We were wrong and we are self-critical,” said Igea, who felt that other regional governments or the central executive should also do the same. “I can’t deny the reality, we weren’t well, what I don’t know is if we are the only ones not doing well,” he concluded.

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