“Iglesias’ attitude towards the king was that of a sulky child with crossed arms”

Updated: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 1:09 PM

Published on: 02/24/2021 1:08 PM

“Pablo Iglesias’ demeanor seemed childish and childish to me. He looked like a little boy with his arms folded in front of the king, but who does he think he is?” This is how José Luis Martínez-Almeida appreciated the attitude of the Vice-President of the Government during the speech of Felipe VI during the ceremony of the 40th anniversary of the 23F.

The head of Unidas Podemos attended this event as a government representative, but did not applaud the words of Meritxell Batet or the head of state. Behavior that the mayor of Madrid described as “childish” and “childish”.

“It’s like an angry kid who folds his arms and looks with the face of ‘I don’t want to be here’. If you don’t want to be, don’t be; if you don’t want to be polite, be brave and don’t go. What can’t be is that you behave like a little child, “the” popular “leader added in statements to the media, wondering” who does he think he is? ” vice-president.

Iglesias attended the event because he claims his party is “highly institutional”, but he did so with a badge of the Democratic Military Union, whose members “paid with humiliation and arrests” for his fight against Franco during the last year of his life. . Thus, he opposed them to the high command of the army which carried out this attempted coup and to those who “would only need an agreement from the king to give it”.

In addition, he once again raised his approach that if during the transition it was exposed that the monarchy was a “condition for the possibility of democracy”, because the military would only accept a regime with the figure of Juan Carlos de Borbón, chosen by the Franco as his successor, “40 years later, it is very difficult” to maintain him. He also compared the exile of the emeritus to the entry into prison of Pablo Hasél.

Yes, he was absent from lunch in Congress with the monarch. An act to which he was invited and attended by the king himself, the president of the government, the president of the Senate, the presidents of the Constitutional Court and the CGPJ, the vice-president of relations with the courts, the living speakers of the Constitution and opposition leader Pablo Casado.

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