Iglesias offers free dentist, physiotherapist and mental health in the Community of Madrid

Publication: Friday, April 9, 2021 11:49 PM

Pablo Iglesias proposes to give free coverage to oral health, as well as physiotherapy, ophthalmology and mental health treatments in the Community of Madrid. This was indicated this Friday during a public health law organized by his party.

“There are things that are perfectly viable in the Community of Madrid. The dentist can be free and we say: free oral health, because it has the same importance in terms of health as in other areas”, United candidate said We can go to the election on May 4.

“There must be universal coverage of physiotherapist treatment and it must be free,” added Iglesias, adding that “the same can be said for ophthalmology and mental health,” claiming that the fact that some areas do not not covered by the public “is not, in any case, a problem of lack of resources.”

The former second vice president also defended that it was “essential” to reverse privatizations in the region, “primarily for the sake of efficiency,” he said. “The privatizations have not made Madrid more prepared to face the health situation,” he said.

During his speech, the leader of the purple formation – who this Friday anticipated that it is likely that he will not stand for re-election as secretary general – underlined as “lesson of social and human policy” of pandemic that “the public does not profile”. In this sense, he indicated that it was necessary to “invest more in health” and, more precisely, he proposed “to invest 1000 million more by an ”and to hire 10,000 additional people, as well as“ to improve their working conditions ”.

In addition, he criticized the management of the coronavirus by the executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, arguing that “the data is objective”. “When we say that Madrid has the worst data in terms of the health management of the pandemic, no one can be offended. It is objective, it is the data of the Community of Madrid itself, when it comes to situations of hospital collapse, incidence of accumulated death toll, ”he insisted.

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