Iglesias tells Sánchez of his discomfort to exclude him from the management of EU funds against COVID and awaits rectification

Second Vice President Pablo Iglesias called Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez on Tuesday and expressed unease at being excluded from managing EU funds against COVID-19 and awaiting a rectification, as he learned . the sixth.

For purple, there would be no “political justification” for the social rights holder to have been removed from the Commission for Government Recovery, Transformation and Resilience, a key body in the management of European money . Of the ten ministers at the table, only one, the Minister of Labor, belongs to the United Podemos quota.

The vice-president has known for a week the composition of the said commission, established in a royal decree-law which approves urgent measures for the modernization of the public administration and for the execution of the recovery plan.

This text proposes the creation of an intergovernmental commission “for the proposal of approval, direction and coordination of the recovery plan”, which will be linked to the delegated commission of the government for economic affairs. The presidency will go to Pedro Sánchez and, in addition, the Vice-President for Economic Affairs, the Vice-President for Ecological Transition, the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Transport, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Labor , the Minister of Industry, the Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Science, Minister of Inclusion and Minister of Health.

Only Yolanda Díaz will attend this key commission in the name of violets when it comes to approving projects to be financed with European manna: 140,000 million euros, half of which in direct subsidies, of which 27 billion are already budgeted in accounts for next year.

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