Iglesias urges Ayuso to request EMU intervention in Cañada Real

Publication: Friday, January 8, 2021 11:01

The second vice-presidency of the government urges the Community of Madrid to ask for generators from the Ministry of Defense to provide electricity to the thousands of families in the Cañada Real who continue without electricity, amid the cold snap.

The department headed by Pablo Iglesias says that after days of conversations with the government delegate in Madrid and the Interior Ministry, this is the only solution to prevent the residents of La Cañada who have been without electricity for months from continue without electricity or heating. coinciding with the wave of cold and snow due to the storm that ravages the country.

According to the Vice-Presidency, the intervention of the Defense would be done through the Emergency Military Unit (UME), but for this it is necessary that the executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso formally request his intervention, he therefore urges us not to wait any longer, before the imminent arrival of new snowfalls.

However, from the Defense, they say they are not completely aware of this decision and ensure that no one has approached the ministry with this proposal.

Residents in various parts of the Cañada have been without power for three months, while the government in Madrid insists the cuts are linked to illegal marijuana cultivation which has caused overuse of the power grid.

A position that Ayuso already defended on December 10, when he blamed the power cuts on the mafias. “Park the Porsches there, very good; paying the bills is what causes these cuts, no”, he said then, before the plenary session of the Assembly in Madrid.

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