Iglesias will denounce García Egea (PP) before Anti-Corruption for “buying deputies” in Murcia


Updated: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 10:09 AM

Published on: 03/24.2021 09:47

The still vice-president of the government, Pablo Iglesias, announced to Congress that he would present “in the next few hours” a complaint to the anti-corruption prosecution against Teodoro García Egea (PP) for the alleged purchase of citizen deputies to sabotage the motion of censorship in Murcia.

“We will file a complaint in the next few hours with the anti-corruption prosecution against you for the crime of corruption, because you are already very corrupt, you are good enough to buy MPs and you are already well unpunished,” Iglesias said. to the general secretary of the people.

The leader of Podemos underlined that “the 26 years of domination of the PP in Madrid are linked to two frauds”: “The first, a fraud against democracy when you bought two members of the PSOE. The second, a fraud on the cash registers . public who made them go to all the illegally financed elections ”.

“And now you are once again bragging about ‘tamayazos’ and buying MPs. This has to end, ”Iglesias said.

This Wednesday, the first government control session took place after the failure of the censure motions in Murcia and Castile and León and much of the criticism between the parties was because of this issue.

Pedro Sánchez criticized Pablo Casado and accused him of supporting the government of Murcia on the basis of “corruption” and “transfuguismo”: “Let’s talk about their governments, do they give lessons on what? transfuguism? “.

“Take the chest out of the leadership. What are you doing? It’s funny, it’s sad to see the PP led by you,” Sánchez told Casado, who did not hesitate to respond: “Did you looked at your blue bench? “.

“He has the accused vice-president, he has the ministers of the ERA, I do not know how many accused of attacks against the police, Ábalos with the second ‘delcygate’, the deputies of the citizens of the Assembly of Madrid acknowledged that there were three motions. That you concocted everything. Lessons of identity and integrity from you, none, “said Casado.

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