Ignacio Aguado resigns and asks Edmundo Bal to be a citizen candidate in the elections of the Community of Madrid

Updated: Thursday, March 18, 2021 8:24 PM

Posted on: 18.03.2021 19:55

Ignacio Aguado will not be the citizens’ candidate to preside over the Community of Madrid in the May 4 elections. This was communicated during a press conference by the former vice-president of the region under the coalition government of the PP and Ciudadanos, and in which he gave the testimony to Edmundo Bal, whom he postulates as ” the best possible candidate “. “I personally asked him to run for the primary in Ciudadanos. I’m sure the majority of supporters consider Bal to be the next president,” Aguado said.

Bal accepted the offer as a “challenge”: “I want to do it and the best center option is needed in Madrid. In this game we are brave, because Nacho was brave.” “I have worked for others all my life, solving people’s lives. For this reason, if my activists want me to be a candidate, I will not stop working for a second to gain the trust of the people of Madrid,” he said. he added. .

The national spokesperson for Ciudadanos already looked like a candidate in the Madrid elections, but yesterday, when asked about this issue in “ ARV ”, Bal completely refused to stand in the primaries to represent the oranges against Isabel Díaz Ayuso. “These things have to be a personal decision,” he explained, stressing that no one had “tempted” him to take the plunge. And he added: “My role is here in Congress, in the parliamentary group.”

Today, after the impetus Aguado gave him during the press conference, Bal assured that it was “an honor for him to be in Congress”, but if Aguado tells him that he is ” the best “to stand for election, his The answer is” yes “:” I say yes, to him, to the party, to the militants, to Madrid and to the Spaniards. “

Bal described the moment when Aguado made the offer to him and he accepted: “Last night Nacho called me and told me what they had heard: ‘I think the best is you, that the game would win with you, more than with me. “When they tell you that, you can’t say no.”

He also took the opportunity to thank his friend “for the work at the head of these difficult ministries of the Community of Madrid, of a difficult government on a daily basis”, he defended. Now his goal is, he said, “to get Madrid from the sides and make them the Madrid of everyone”.

For his part, Aguado ends with this decision a stage in his life that began seven years ago. Unable not to become moved, the former vice-president had to interrupt his speech by devoting a few words of gratitude to his team. “Six years ago we managed to enter for the first time in the assembly of the Community of Madrid. We went from 0 to 17 deputies, being decisive in public policies. I am proud and also of the work of my advisers, “he said at a press conference.

Arrimadas appreciates your “flashback”

Ciudadanos leader Inés Arrimadas thanked Aguado for his decision and the “step back” he took to let someone else lead the bid. “This decision you are making today is a courageous gesture that honors you and pays homage to politics,” he wrote on his personal Twitter account.

“It will be an honor to continue to work alongside you for the general interest of all Spaniards,” added the national leader of the party, in which Aguado holds a position in the executive.

As for Edmundo Bal, Arrimadas described him as “a hardworking, sensible and serious man, a great colleague and one of the best lawyers in Spain”. Thus, he considers him as “prepared” and “committed” to Madrid and Spain.

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