Ignacio Valls, new director of human resources at Biogen Espaa

The biotechnology company Biogen continues to advance in its strategy of growth and evolution in Spain, with the appointment of Andr Gouveia as director of the Neuromuscular Diseases unit and the integration into the company of Ignacio Valls in as Director of Human Resources of Biogen Spain.

Both leaders have solid professional experience and extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. These appointments respond to Biogen’s commitment to innovation as a driver of leadership transformation and talent management, with a strategic combination of retaining and recruiting new professionals to strengthen the corporate structure. in our country.

Andr Gouveia, Director of the Neuromuscular Diseases Unit of Biogen Espaa

In his new role, Andr Gouveia will be in charge of leading the new Neuromuscular Diseases Unit, with special emphasis on rare diseases such as spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), currently in the company’s treatment portfolio, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. (ELA), an area in which various studies are being carried out as part of the Biogen pipeline around the world.

Gouveia joined Biogen in January 2018 as Human Resources Director and has led a major business transformation in our country over the past two and a half years. In addition, for much of 2019, he also served as the interim HR leadership for the ECP region (Europe, Canada and Partner Markets).

Andr graduated in Psychology from the University of Coimbra in Portugal and obtained his Masters in Human Resources Management from INDEG Business School in Lisbon. He has extensive international experience, in countries such as Italy, Romania, Brazil and France.

Andr Gouveia says: “I take on with great enthusiasm and humility the responsibility of leading the new field of neuromuscular diseases at Biogen Espaa. Due to the impact and scale of this type of progressive neurodegenerative disease on patients and their families, and the vital importance of offering solutions and treatments that preserve and improve their quality of life, I am considers a truly privileged person in this new meeting. In addition, it is a reliable proof of the real commitment of the company to promote internal talents, to innovate in the management of resources and to open the doors of development to all those who decide to join Biogen, both locally and in the field. world. world”.

Ignacio Valls, Director of Human Resources at Biogen Espaa

Ignacio Valls joins Biogen with 18 years of experience in human resources (HR). During his time at AstraZeneca, he was: Commercial partner for the various areas of the company; management of centers of excellence in the field (labor relations, recruitment, development, organization, training, etc.); the interim management of the department and an international mission as head of human resources for the Balkans. He also has consulting experience at Michael Page.

Ignacio Valls will be responsible for leading the strategy and implementation of human resources actions for the entire Spanish subsidiary, continuing the already established path of operational excellence and commitment to talent and internal promotion. which defines the current policy of Biogen in our country.

He graduated in Business Administration and Management from San Pablo CEU University in Madrid.

Ignacio Valls emphasizes: “Biogen is a pioneering company in everything it does, and leading a project as such in the field of human resources is very interesting and stimulating. I firmly believe in the importance of building dynamic organizations based on an open mindset, growth and promotion of talents, where professionals are not ranked and are allowed to give the best to the company in a transversal way. Innovation in this sense is the driving force that allows us to make this a reality at Biogen Espaa, and being part of such a change is very motivating. I feel very identified with the values ​​of the company and with its ultimate goal, which is to change the lives of patients ”.

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