III Aegon Health and Lifestyle Study

2020 has been a year marked by an unprecedented health and economic crisis, which is finally coming to an end. A year in which the pandemic and the containment have highlighted the importance of taking care of the physical and emotional health of Spaniards, because, as evidenced by the results of the III Aegon Health and Lifestyle Study, almost a 60% of the population does not work on their general psychological well-being.

In this study, the constant concern of the Spaniards to take care of their health is emphasized, but despite this, there are still many issues unresolved in terms of health and well-being, and what better time to decide to acquire new healthy habits as the start of a new year as promising as 2021. According to the Health and Lifestyle Study III, these are the most sought after goals by Spaniards for the coming year:

Leave unnecessary vices behind

Alcohol and tobacco pose a serious health risk. In the case of alcohol, studies are conclusive that its consumption increases the risk of certain diseases and certain types of cancer, such as the colorectal, breast, pharynx, esophagus, mouth and liver. For its part, tobacco is not left out, it is a stimulant of the central nervous system with nicotine as the main component, producing great dependence in humans. Its consumption promotes cardiovascular or irritant diseases, responsible for respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema.

54% of Spaniards already consider not drinking or smoking to be the main reason for being in good health.

Declare war on the ultra-treaties

Our eating habits largely determine how our body works. A good diet adapted to our nutritional needs promotes health and prevents disease. In this sense, more than half of those polled think they are not eating a healthy diet because they do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, and 36.90% blame it on the usual consumption of processed foods.

The good news is that seven in ten Spaniards already report having a healthy diet, basing their diet mainly on fresh, minimally processed foods.

Focus on emotional well-being

One of the feelings that most affects people’s physical and mental health is stress. The heavy blow caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of emotional health, particularly in the ability of people to deal with their own emotions and cope with difficulties. For example, according to the III Aegon Health and Lifestyle Study, nine in ten Spaniards report having suffered from stress in the past 12 months.

Living with high levels of stress puts your well-being at risk, which wreaks havoc on both emotional balance and physical health as it reduces the ability to think clearly, function effectively, and enjoy life. life. Without a doubt, the factors that most influence health care and emotional well-being are positivity and self-esteem, which are put into practice by only 45.20% of Spaniards.

Love yourself more

Self-esteem is having a positive attitude towards yourself, loving yourself for who you are, and respecting yourself. There are people who have it very high, which means that they value themselves as they are, and other people, on the other hand, who suffer from a lack of it, which creates insecurities in their everyday life. The absence of this self-esteem has in turn associated social and integration problems, since the person who suffers from it tends to isolate himself.

In this sense, only 62% of Spaniards consider themselves somewhat or very satisfied with their physical appearance, with women being the most critical, with 59.9%, against men with 65.4%. The perception of the physical aspect influences above all in the self-esteem, in the love and the respect of oneself. This is reflected in 75% of respondents, who also say that physical appearance influences the style of clothing they wear (73%) and their health (66%)

Spend more time with those who really matter

The fast pace of modern life makes it easy for us to forget that just spending time with family really matters. However, the situation experienced in 2020 has led us to evaluate other aspects to be happy. In this sense, having good family relations is the second pillar of happiness for Spaniards, which has increased by almost 14% compared to 2019. Spending time with family allows for strong bonds, love, links and relationships between all their members.

2021 is the perfect excuse to give a twist to those goals that still sit in the drawer with Christmas decorations in early January and choose to change their lives. This virus has made us wiser, now we lead a more leisurely pace of life, we enjoy spending time with family and little moments more, why not make New Years resolutions something different this year too?

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