Ikea chooses Spain as global digital hub

The Ingka Group is once again choosing the Spanish market to promote its transformation. Thus, it has created in Madrid one of its four digital offices or “hubs” from where it hopes to explore and promote solutions that increase its digital capacity. Ingka Digital Spain is already one of the four extensions of the Group’s Digital space around the world, along with Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bangalore (India) and Philadelphia (United States).

Its goal is to make it easier for customers to interact with IKEA whenever and wherever they want – through its website, in the app, on their phone or physically in stores. He also works globally on digital products and solutions related to online marketing. data management and processing, improving the conversion rate in e-commerce and the evolution of the IKEA app, among others. Projects that you hope to develop from these new digital places.

In the case of Madrid, in particular, this office, which, as part of the Group, is independent of the IKEA Espaa Digital team, mainly focuses on developing solutions for the IKEA Business, IKEA Food and Customer areas. Experience, where product, engineering and data teams.

The project is based on a workforce of around thirty professionals with the expectation of having doubled at the end of the financial year to eventually reach a hundred in the coming years.

“The establishment and empowerment of digital sites allow the company to strengthen its local relevance, prioritize the areas of activity that need it most and, ultimately, strengthen its position and its ability to respond to its digital transformation plans. We move and evolve rapidly, so we must grow and integrate additional digital talents to strengthen our digital competence ”, acknowledges Patricia Fresno, site manager of the Digital Hub in Madrid.

Madrid’s “innovation space”, key to the Group

The capital has again been chosen to conduct plans and tests around the world. It is, as the company recognizes, for its commercial fabric, with emerging companies in the technology sector, and for being the cradle of talent in this field.

“Within the Group, the Spanish market is perceived as an important ‘space’ for innovation and this is demonstrated by the projects that are developing in our stores and units in the country’s digital zone. With this Hub, we want to continue to develop innovative initiatives that help meet the needs of our customers. Ideas that were born in this digital hub that we have in Madrid, but that will be launched around the world in different countries, ”says Fresno.

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