ILERNA Online offers its distance training courses during the summer completely free

ILERNA Online offers its distance training courses during the summer completely free

The country’s first distance vocational training center, ILERNA Online, provides everyone with free access to all of its online VET cycles

BY RRHHDigital, 3:30 p.m. – July 25, 2021

This is how “Your ILERNA experience” appears, the objective of which is that people interested in distance vocational training can try out a subject from any training cycle for free and experience directly how it is. studied at the center.

This experience includes all the advantages that students enjoy throughout their training: access to didactic content, video lessons with teachers, resolution of doubts, self-assessment exercises, participation in a face-to-face course at the headquarters of the ILERNA and the possibility of testing everything learned through a final test. As this is unconditional access, it has no academic validity.

” From ILERNA Online, we want to make VET as accessible as possible. Therefore, initiatives like this, coupled with flexibility and ease of payment, mean that there are fewer and fewer barriers to accessing quality training. Giving the opportunity to try our training for free is a first step for anyone who wants to find out what it is like to study at the leading online vocational training center, ” explains Jordi Gin, CEO of ILERNA Online.

Your ILERNA Experience is the leitmotif of the latest ILERNA Online campaign, which aims to bring online VET closer to society at a time when distance education has become a necessity for many people. In this sense, it is important to underline that ILERNA Online, as a digital native center, has a highly developed technological infrastructure which has enabled it to respond quickly to the obstacles that the health crisis has posed. “If there is something that characterizes ILERNA Online, it is our experience in the digital field, our experience of more than 50 years in the education sector and being the option with the most competitive prices and that which offers a true reconciliation between training and private life, ”says Gin.

During your ILERNA experience, anyone can try a wide variety of FP cycles online for free in families such as healthcare, IT, administration, commerce and marketing and image and sound. , among others.

This initiative follows on from two previous solidarity initiatives carried out in 2020 and very well received. The first of these, FP Solidarity, consisted in opening all the content of FP cycles free of charge to the whole of society after the Spanish government decreed the schools to be closed. This project, which welcomed more than 20,000 people, set the precedent for the next. ILERNA Online Contigo was the campaign last summer through which the center offered 300 scholarships of 300 euros to people financially affected by Covid-19. About 4,000 people have applied to receive these grants.

The ILERNA experience is available until 09/20/2021 and access is requested through this website.

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