Illa believes Puigdemont should be detained, “as required by law”

Update: Sunday, June 13, 2021 11:22

Posted: 13.06.2021 11:21

The leader of the opposition in Catalonia, Salvador Illa, has defended that the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont should be detained if he returns to Spain, as “foreseen by the legislation”, because any measure on the people indicted by the trial “must be within the framework of the rule of law”.

In an interview with RAC1 radio, Illa assured that the pardons would alleviate “the harshest and most negative consequences” of the process from a judicial point of view, but recalled that everyone “must face the consequences” of their actions.

In this sense, he distanced himself from the statements of the Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, who affirmed that in the event of a possible return of Puigdemont, the answer cannot be “the way of judicialization” .

According to Illa, Belarra “offers a solution that is not able to detail how it will be done”, after which he warned that “you can not leave the rule of law”, so if those who flee the Spanish justice decide to return “The provisions of the legislation must be applied.

The leader of the PSC clarified that what the law provides is the arrest of Puigdemont, to which he added: “I will never defend anything that violates the rule of law”.

Illa recalled that the former city councilor Meritxell Serret has already returned to Spain, who made herself available to the Supreme Court and was released, prosecuted for offenses of disobedience and embezzlement, but not for sedition.

“Yo valoro a las personas que afrontan las consecuencias de las decisiones que han tomado. Como gobernantes, algunas decidieron afrontarlas quedándose aquí y otros decidieron marcharse”, ha mantenido Illa, que ha insisted on that no es su intención ” each.

Columbus’ demonstration is “a serious mistake”

Regarding the protest against pardons that the right has demanded today in Plaza Colón in Madrid, Illa saw it as a “serious political mistake”, because it means “to breathe air into territorial confrontations. and to positions which always go against and which no they do not offer anything positive. ”

For the socialist leader, the graces will help to “open a new era” after ten years in which this community “has not progressed from an economic, institutional or coexistence point of view”, which is due to a “collective failure in which “all” have a responsibility.

In this sense, he chose to create a dialogue table in Catalonia to agree on a “new framework of coexistence”, which could result in a statutory reform, based on an improvement in autonomy and an increase in financial resources. , in the context of an “increasingly federal Europe”.

“I want to think that the citizens of Catalonia would give him sufficient support,” he stressed. Regarding the possibility that the leader of the ERC Oriol Junqueras is part of the dialogue table with the executive of Pedro Sánchez, Illa asked for a “point of seriousness” and recalled that it was the republican formation itself which “had set a table between the governments”.

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