Illa defends CCAA can already decree “what in other countries they call detention”

Publication: Sunday, January 17, 2021 8:31 AM

In an interview with ‘El País’, Salvador Illa says he does not have “pandemic fatigue”. “I can’t afford it,” he admits when asked if it was the pandemic that led him to accept being a CPS candidate in the Catalan elections, which will finally be held on May 30.

In line with his appearance this Saturday, the Minister of Health defends that “it is not necessary” a home confinement, although he warns that it “is expensive” to lower the figure of the occupation in the ICUs.

“What we need to do is act with the most surgical measures possible but also forcefully. It is an effort that we must make together,” said Illa, who maintains her staunch defense of the state of alarm.

“The state of alert has worked because it gives communities the tools to restrict mobility in their territories with perimeter closures, night mobility restrictions and compliance restrictions. Each community can decide to close commercial or recreational areas. They already have the tools to bend the curve and this is, in practice, what is called containment in other countries, ”he says.

Without wanting to enter into controversies with the autonomous communities for their demands for more energetic measures against the virus, Illa offers its “strong” support and collaboration. “From now on, any measure requires legal coverage because to restrict mobility, it must be done with the maximum of legal guarantees”, adds the Minister.

He also reveals that “in a short time”, it will be said who will be the next groups to receive the vaccine against COVID-19 and in what order they will receive it, excluding making the vaccination compulsory.

Your position as a candidate

Speaking of the Catalan elections in May, Illa defends her proposal not to form a government “with which she has a project of division”. “I will not support a government that aims for independence,” he said.

He also advocates “the improvement of Catalan autonomy” and the revision of the financing system, which reveals that it is “on the agenda of the Spanish government”.

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