Illa, “disgusted” by the Raphael concert that they continue to defend against the Ayuso government

Posted: Monday December 21, 2020 11:30 a.m.

The images of Raphael’s concert held this Saturday did not please the Minister of Health. Salvador Illa confessed “upset” in an interview on RAC1 on Monday about the event with 5,000 people, the most massive since the start of the pandemic, as data worsened in Madrid and throughout Spain .

“It upset me a bit. They have filled the capacity but now is not the time to do it,” said the health chief.

More precisely, there were 4,368 people who for more than two hours shared a space with the mythical singer, thus becoming the most massive show that Spain has hosted since the start of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus; a virus which, on the other hand, did not prevent Raphael from returning for Christmas one more year on the main stage of the Spanish capital, although this time accompanied by measures and health precautions activated. The capacity was around 25%, while the current maximum is 40%.

The health minister urged to restrict contact, due to the start of a third wave, and warned of such massive acts in closed areas.

“I don’t want to qualify it,” said Illa, who also debunked the Madrid data “miracle”. “We had a not very peaceful state of alarm, but they had been closing hotels and neighborhoods for some time. There are more people who have had the disease and it is having an effect.

Ayuso government defends concert

The Minister of Justice and the Interior, Enrique López, defended this Monday in ‘Espejo Público’ the celebration of the massive concert: “I believe that this type of concerts can be authorized with the regulations currently in force on the reduction of capacity, air renewal and others. There was no more risk than in an open shopping area. “

“We cannot compare two different events: one thing is a concert in which all the participants wear a mask and with separation, and another is a family dinner in which the participants take off their masks and there is less social distancing. “, he explained. Lopez.

The president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, claimed to understand the indignation caused by the participation in the event. “I understand the company when they see a concert like that of WiZink. Plus, the picture is confusing. The Palacio de los Deportes has a capacity of 16,000 people and was at 30%, but now families will no longer be able to be over six years old., I understand this discomfort “, assured Diaz Ayuso. However, he clarified that” if the accumulated incidence in Madrid was now worrying, all these events would be suspended because the capacity is so low that the next thing is the suspension “.

“I also want the citizens to know clearly that, despite these images, the WiZink Center renews the air every 12 minutes, that it is a safe place with many entrances and exits, that there was a double mask and that all those who were registered to that, if there is a problem in the future, they can be located “, underlined the top official of the government of the region of Madrid, who concluded by declaring that” most infections that we see occur in the domestic sphere. “

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