Illa insists she will run for nomination as ERC calls for agreement on independent government in Catalonia

Posted: Saturday March 6, 2021 1:12 PM

The CPS candidate for the Generalitat, Salvador Illa, wants to run for the presidency. “We have a moral obligation to do it,” he says, accusing the independence movement of trying to “repeat a failed formula” based on “conversations based on always going against someone”.

Illa: “The future of Catalonia depends on dialogue”

Illa defends that “the future of Catalonia passes through dialogue” and calls for “a new political era to begin as soon as possible” in what he considers “the legislature of the meeting”.

The CPS candidate seeks to materialize an alternative to independence: “We want Parliament to become Parliament again and we ask the political forces that want to overcome the decline to vote. We demand respect for the Mossos, companies, workers and institutions.”

The PSC relies on Eva Granados to chair Parliament

Illa defends that Eva Granados is the one who occupies the next presidency of the Parliament and announced it during the national council of the CPS held sempresencially by the pandemic of coronavirus.

Junqueras calls on Junts, CUP and Comuns “to measure up”

However, ERC calls for a pact to form an independence government. Oriol Junqueras asks Junts, CUP and Comuns not to be “selfish” and to unite so that Father Aragonès is the next president of the Generalitat.

“We ask with modesty and conviction of all who are available to help, that the government be completed soon and overcome any selfish temptations of either side,” he said.

Junqueras asks Junts, CUP and Comuns “to measure themselves and to act with determination and will not to disappoint the legitimate hopes of the citizens”. This was reported to the ERC National Council.

Aragonès: “This is not the time for selfishness”

In the same vein, Father Aragonès assures us that a pact to form an independentist government is essential to maintain the “confidence” deposited by the citizens. “This is not the time for selfishness, it is time to look beyond yourself, to look at the Catalonia of the next decade that we want,” he says.

Carles Riera, number two of the CUP, affirms in an interview with El País that they see themselves at the Table or at the Presidency of the Parliament and that their formation is ready to “assume all the responsibilities”. Moreover, he adds critically: “It is useless, but we respect this ERC dialogue with the State”.

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