Illa says first authorized vaccines will arrive in Spain before January 10

Updated: Thursday, December 10, 2020 1:47 PM

Published on: 10.12.2020 13:06

If everything goes as planned, the first vaccines against the coronavirus will arrive in our country in less than a month. This was confirmed on Wednesday by Salvador Illa, who stressed that Spain is “very close” to start the first vaccinations.

“If everything goes as planned and all the criteria of the European Medicines Agency are met, the first authorized vaccines will arrive in our country in less than a month”, he declared, before the Health Commission of Congress.

The health chief appeared at her own request to report on the vaccination strategy, the same week she started in the UK, the first country in Europe to do so.

As he clarified, adding the six contracts signed so far by the European Union and, if all these vaccines are finally approved, “Spain will receive around 140 million doses to vaccinate some 80 million citizens, a number well above the 47 million people living in our country. ”For its acquisition, he said, a budget item of more than 1,000 million euros was organized.

“After a very complicated year, we are starting to see a hopeful horizon, we are bending the curve for the second time and the first vaccines will arrive very soon,” said Illa, who despite this contained optimism affected the fact that we We are at a “critical moment” in the pandemic, after the December bridge and “at the gates of Christmas and winter”. Therefore, he warned, “we cannot let our guard down.”

Illa promises vaccine will be safe

Illa also recalled the four priority groups who will receive the vaccine first: residents and staff of nursing homes, front-line health personnel, other health and socio-sanitary personnel and major non-dependent dependents. institutionalized.

Likewise, the health chief once again stressed the safety of vaccines, promising that “citizens must be calm” because those who are against the coronavirus will respect the same levels of safety as others. In this sense, he affected that the process was “faster, without eliminating the security checks”.

Those who are finally approved, have pledged, “will have an extraordinary control of pharmacovigilance”, as guaranteed by the socialist minister, who recalled that “vaccines save lives”. In this sense, he launched a call for “solidarity”, warning that “no one will be protected until we are all protected”.

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