“I’m not going to be a stopper for a leadership renewal”


Publication: Tuesday, May 4, 2021 11:26 PM

Pablo Iglesias is leaving politics. This was announced after Isabel Díaz Ayuso doubled her results and her candidacy fell short of the expected results.

“I am not helping to add, I am not a politician who can contribute to our political strength by consolidating its institutional strength in the years to come,” the purple leader said in an appearance to assess his data.

“When you are no longer useful, you have to know how to withdraw”, underlined Iglesias, designating Yolanda Díaz as the new purple leader and Isa Serra as the leader of the party in the Madrid Assembly.

United We Can improved their result by three Assembly seats in Madrid, from seven to ten, a result that was not expected until Pablo Iglesias decided to take the plunge and leave the government in charge of the purple candidacy against Ayuso.

The presence of Pablo Iglesias in the Madrid campaign was promised as the main repellent for a left which attended the elections with a changed foot, after trying to paralyze them with motions of censure that excluded justice.

In fact, the announcement by the then second vice-president that he was leaving the government which had been so difficult for him to get the purple candidacy for the Community of Madrid to revive was another intense upheaval in politics. from the country.

“In politics, you have to have the courage to lead the battles that you have to fight,” said the Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, knowing that his party risked reaching 5% of the vote – the limit to gain representation in the Madrid Assembly – and that its candidate, Isa Serra, hanged the sword of Damocles for disqualification.

But the candidacy – which even took his replacement at the head of the vice-presidency, Yolanda Díaz – by surprise – must not be too ripe: the intention of Iglesias was to leave the executive on an emblematic date as the April 14, but the law forced it. to leave a fortnight earlier than expected.

Throughout the campaign, Iglesias faced Isabel Díaz Ayuso. He did so during a bitter electoral debate – the only one in which both candidates participated – and he pursued it until the last moment.

“The PP has used the region to bring down the government in the context of a pandemic. And now, to continue, they must appeal to the violent right-wing extremists,” he said this morning.

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