Image Megacomet: Image of the first activity in Megacomet c2014 a 271

Astronomers first saw activity in the giant C / 2014 UN271, considered the largest comet in the universe. Come (gas and dust zone) has been observed in this regard. This is the first activity observed on it since the Dark Energy Survey discovered it. This comet was first detected in data between 2014 and 2018 and was announced on June 19, 2021. Also called Bernardinelli-Bernstein

Activity seen in the photo
Its size is between 62 and 230 miles and it is like a dwarf planet. It is a thousand times more massive than an ordinary comet. The new image shows C / 2014 UN271 at 19 astronomical units (AU) from the Sun. The distance between the Earth and the Sun is called UA. This image was taken with the help of the 1 meter telescope from La Cumbre Observatory of the South African Astronomical Observatory. He showed a bright spot where the activity was recorded.

Mega Comet: “Super-Comet” moving in the solar system, takes 6 lakh years to make a revolution
6 million years in a rotation
According to the analysis, this object comes towards the Earth then comes in the Oort cloud. This is the region where the gas and dust that revolve around the solar system are produced. It takes 6.12 lakh years, not a few days, to complete a revolution in its orbit. For the past seven years, he has walked a distance of one AU each year. Researchers say it won’t get so close to Earth that it can be seen without a telescope.

His tail will also be seen
Comets also revolve around the sun like asteroids, but they are not rocky but made up of dust and ice. When these comets head for the sun, their ice and dust turn into vapor, which looks like a tail to us. Likewise, 2014 UN271 will develop a comet-like tail as it gets closer to the Sun. This would be due to the fact that the ice on its surface turns into vapor.

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Visible activity (LOOK / LCO)

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