Immediacy, cost savings … Six advantages of implementing temporary work on the logistical “ last mile ”

Immediacy, cost savings … Six advantages of implementing temporary work on the logistical “ last mile ”

Quality, the Grup Montaner brand specializing in temporary work, highlights the advantages of temporary work in “last mile” logistics. In this sense, in the last year of 2020, the logistics sector was one of the sectors with the strongest growth, reaching 8% of the Spanish GDP and generating more than a million jobs.

E-commerce has exploded in recent years, but in 2020 that figure reaches a 50% increase. In this context, logistics processes had to be optimized to adapt to new forms of consumption.

According to the study “ Prospects for mass consumption logistics in the new post-covid environment ” presented in July 2020 by the Association of Manufacturers and Distributors (AECOC), logistics operators have seen the need to improve collaboration with other logistics operators and transport companies to adapt to changes in the sector, by 66.67%. In addition, in this same study, both large distributors and logistics operators declared that after the Covid-19 crisis, new opportunities in the sector lie in the realization of more agile and flexible logistics (92% and 66 , 67% respectively).

In the e-commerce environment, during the process of sending a package, the last trip of the package is called the last mile, from the distribution warehouse until it reaches the end consumer.

The last mile, also called capillary distribution because of the branching of distributions grouped in different areas or cities, is decisive in the degree of satisfaction of the end customer. The challenge for companies dedicated to the last mile is therefore to offer fast and quality service, while optimizing their costs.

6 advantages of temporary work in the last mile of logistics

An expert company in expert temporary work serving last-mile logistics companies and the 8,000 people hired in 2020, despite the pandemic, Quality analyzes the competitive advantages of last-mile temporary work, a booming sector in 2021.

Greater agility in work peaks such as Christmas campaigns, sales, Black Friday, etc. Faced with the situation that triggered Covid-19, many sectors such as the hotel industry are paralyzed and the pace of each autonomous community is very different, so being able to anticipate changes becomes very complicated. For this reason, the ability to react quickly is a fundamental need for companies, and to have an ETT as a partner or ally, with well-defined processes, a database of specialized candidates and a digitized process. The selection and training of employees, allows companies to adapt to specific changes in demand and meet customer needs at any time. Increase in the degree of customer satisfaction. The last mile is one of the keys to product purchase satisfaction and it is particularly important that on key dates, when there is an increase in shipments, the end customer feels satisfied with the delivery and is informed at all times. “At Quality, we know the importance of efficiency and consumer satisfaction in last mile logistics, which is why we adapt to the market in an agile and flexible way, giving an immediate 24/7 response to our customers, ”explains Toni Burgos, Director of Operations at Grup Montaner. “In addition, temporary work agencies or ETTs are an opportunity not only for the company, by helping to reduce lead times or delivery times during peak periods of work, but also for the candidate, because it allows them to ‘enter the job market, learn and know other sectors,’ he concludes. An increase in the efficiency of company operations by streamlining personnel selection processes and having an experienced partner who knows what the company needs and, therefore, knows what to look for in a candidate . When we talk about a selection process for a temporary position, it encompasses from when the last mile logistics company and the temporary employment agency agree on the positions and their duration, until the candidate joins and integrates into the company, which is generally much more agile in the case of temporary profiles. In addition, mobile applications provide many advantages for candidates and employees, as they not only find job vacancies, but in cases such as quality, directly sign documents, have access easy to payroll and connect through the platform. Greater flexibility in times when work intensifies by increasing the workforce only when necessary. In an environment where businesses are suffering, rationalizing costs and growing according to projects or work peaks helps stabilize the business. For this reason, a temporary employment agency is a key partner which, moreover, thanks to its vast experience, acts as an advisor in the process of enlarging the workforce so that it always adapts. to the individual needs of each business. 24/7 support service for companies that allows them to hire at any time and quickly adapt to changes in the industry, with already trained employees who can join the job in a matter of hours. Greater employee satisfaction. When choosing a temporary employment agency as a partner, it is ideal to take into account the satisfaction index of its employees since you make sure that they are loyal and, therefore, have a better predisposition to work in a company. to those that the 7as send. their offices. At Quality, 98% of temp workers will recommend us as a temp agency.

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